The Best Way to Access Blocked Websites

Access Blocked WebsitesCertain websites may be blocked in your country for cultural, religious, or political reasons. For example, your government might believe that certain websites contain information and images that are harmful to the country's government or offend religious sensibilities. Websites might be blocked at your workplace because your supervisors feel that they are making employees less efficient. Web access at school might be restricted because the administration may feel that non-education sites are distracting to students.
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Proxy vs VPN

Proxy vs VPNPeople use various web proxies such as a US proxy site to hide their IP address. Web proxies hide your IP address, but do not safeguard the data you transmit online against threats from cyber criminals. A VPN not only hides your IP address but it also allows you to access content anonymously. Unlike your ISP or some web proxies, VPN's like Hotspot Shield doesn’t keep a log of any of your web activity.
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What is Proxy Server And Different Types of Proxies

Proxy ServerA proxy server is a computer or usually set of computers that act as an intermediary between a client computer and a web server. It enables client computers to make indirect requests through it for resources or services such as web pages, videos, PDF files, etc.
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