Keep Your Site Organized & Easy To Update With CMS

CMSIn today's global commerce it is essential for businesses to have a website. Many individuals also have personal websites they use for blogging or fun. Whether a business or individual, though, keeping your website content fresh and ensuring you have a clean site that is easy to navigate is critical. Without it browsers to your site will leave instead of reading the information you supply. Personal users can lose fans and contributors to their blog which can be frustrating. However, businesses without a website that is easy for browsers to navigate may lose customers resulting in a loss of income. An ideal solution is to use a CMS or Content Management System.
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Some Do's and Dont's of Web Site Design

Website DesignWhen designing a new web site there are many potential pitfalls for the unwary designer. These are just a few hints and tips to try and help the novice web master in their efforts to produce a web site of which they can be proud. A short article on web site design such as this cannot hope to cover all of the many facets of the subject of web design. There are plenty of resources available to help your study of this - a quick visit to a book store will show that.
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What is Website Navigation

VisitorIf you are designing a web site, one principle should be considered as the most important point of the design. That principle is site navigation. When a user arrives at your web site he will not want to spend his valuable time searching for ways to move around the site. Make sure that all of your links are laid out in a simple and easy to read form. Over recent years the trend has been for site links to appear in one of two places - either along the top of the browser window, below the site name or logo, or running down the left-hand side. This works, and more importantly, will be an obvious place for the visitor to look. You may feel that you want to buck the trend by placing your site links in a different place - just remember that standards evolve for a reason.
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What is Flash, and Should I Use It?

Adobe FlashFlash is a multimedia technology that can be used to add animation or video to a web page. Since its introduction in 1996, Flash has become the industry standard for adding such content, with statistics suggesting that almost all desktop computers in the United States have a version of the Flash player software installed. Popular video sites such as YouTube use Flash to display the videos to their users.
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What is CSS?

CSSIn order for a web site to be available on the World Wide Web, it must be hosted on a server. There are several different ways to accomplish this. Most large hosting companies will have their own servers and the network infrastructure needed for their site to be available on the Web. However, the equipment and technical resources needed to set up such a system are very expensive, beyond the reach of smaller companies, organizations and individual users. Cascading style sheets, or CSS, is a language designed to allow a designer to specify how a document should be presented. CSS can be used with any markup language, but its main use is with the HTML code that makes up a web page.
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An Introduction to Website Design

Web DesignFor small businesses looking to establish a presence on the World Wide Web, one of the hurdles that must be crossed is the design of the web site. There are many different types of business web site, ranging from those just wishing to present some information to their clients to full-blown e-commerce sites. These different types of sites all have one thing in common – someone has to design the site.
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How to Create a Professional Looking Website

WebsiteThe appearance of your website is arguably the most important feature. Forget content, graphics and how much it sings and dances, if it does not look professional then users will go elsewhere and/or struggle to use your website. There are certain criteria to make your website look professional, and if your website meets each of these criteria then it will look appealing to the user, as well as be easy to use.
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