What Are Browser Cookies - The Ultimate Guide 1,517 Views

CookieWeb browsers create simple text files called cookies when you visit websites on the internet. Your device stores the text files locally allowing your browser to access the cookie and pass data back to the original website. Internet Cookies are not programs or viruses and do nothing on your computer/device by themselves. Cookies simply store information with the aim of improving your web experience and help speed up the internet.
Update: Tue 24 Mar 2020

How to Protect Your Personal Information Online 1,321 Views

Protect Personal InformationSurfing the Internet used to be one of the last bastions of privacy and security. After all, since you didn’t have to get dressed, get in your car, and drive anywhere to shop or meet new people, you could build any kind of profile you wanted for yourself. You could have any name and be any person you wanted to be (theoretically) and nobody would be able to uncover your identity if you didn’t want them to have it. But unfortunately, things have changed. Today, most people tend to be naïve and unaware of the many different ways that their personal information may be stored online. They’re even less likely to know how both companies and individuals gain access to this data.
Update: Fri 27 Mar 2020

Internet Cookie And it's Types 1,214 Views

Internet CookieInternet cookies are small text files (255 characters or less) that are placed on your web browser or computer by web servers. A cookie is created when you first visit a site that wants to store information. This text file usually includes a name, an expiration date, a coded number, and the domain name of the visited site.
Update: Tue 24 Mar 2020
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