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Company Background

Trusting a company that has been around for some time is a lot easier. InMotion Hosting was founded back in 2001 by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson, two former hosting employees from the Open Source World. Sunil and Todd had a vision to create a superior web hosting service that would serve the needs of businesses of all sizes and provide stellar customer support. They worked hard to build a new company by using premium hardware and developing the first “green” data center in Los Angeles. Through their commitment to professional innovation, InMotion Hosting has grown quickly and received numerous awards.

InMotion Hosting Logo On a Monitor
In the early days, these two founders alone, had handled everything, be it customer support, billing, sales, managing server and everything in between. In an interview at HostingAdvice, the co-founder claims, that they were one of the first providers of the VPS hosting, similarly they were also one of the first to add SSDs, to all their hosting plans. The initial years were spent in establishing its services, but after that, InMotion started gaining recognition from reviewers all over the world. The company currently has two offices, one located on the west coast (Los Angeles, CA), and the other on the east coast (Virginia Beach, VA) in the U.S.

InMotion Hosting Logo - Horizontal In 2003, just 2 years after the company's launch, InMotion Hosting had already become a leader in the web hosting industry and was recognized as a Certified CNET Hosting Provider (a standard which it continues to hold today more than 14 years later). InMotion has the highest possible, A+ service rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), which is a consumer protection agency that reviews businesses (in the U.S. and Canada) with regards to their performance and integrity and still has big plans for the future. This clearly proves the tremendous trust they enjoy from their customers for extremely reliable delivery of hosting services. InMotion Hosting continues to expand its reach with a mission to create more server locations throughout the world, specifically in South America, Asia, and Europe.

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Do you prefer to have more control over your web hosting?

Your answer is bound to be ‘Yes’ because webmasters prefer keeping their websites completely in their control, without having to depend on some third party for managing their hosting services. If you haven’t tried out a web hosting provider yourself because you fear you don’t have enough technical expertise, then, please think again! Web hosting providers have evolved so much over the years that you can rely on their support to get your website or blog up and running easily with optimum performance statistics. If you have done a bit of research on various hosting service providers, you must have come across the name, ‘InMotion.’ They are a very popular web hosting provider that has won accolades and rewards on several hosting review sites. These awards include a top rating from CNET which InMotion have had now for 14 years. So in this article, we will take a look at the features, advantages, disadvantages and various hosting plans offered by InMotion. This will help you to understand if InMotion is right for your website.

Inmotion Hosting Features

Now that you know the company background, the next most important thing to check is the various features on offer. Deciding a web hosting service based on price alone is one of the worst things you can do. InMotion Hosting Features So, before forming an opinion about InMotion hosting services, let’s take a detailed look at the features offered by InMotion.

Performance, Speed And Uptime

Performance : We continually test and monitor the performance of InMotion Hosting with Pingdom site monitoring tools to get a more technical measure of performance data. The results below are dynamically pulled from Pingdom :InMotion Hosting Server Uptime and Response ReportSpeed : Another important consideration is how fast the servers are. The amount of time a site takes to load often has a huge impact on site visitors and the amount of time they spend on your website. Ideally, you’d want your site to load quickly. Another benefit of faster page load speeds is better ranking in search engines like Google. For this purpose, InMotion uses SSD (Solid State Drives) on their servers instead of the old spinning, mechanical hard drives for every hosting plan that they offer. These SSD servers improve performance considerably when compared to the traditional servers. This is ideal for larger websites with heavy traffic and even eCommerce based sites. You may argue that you have a small website and don’t need SSD servers right now. However, if you think about the long-term, your website will eventually grow and you will need better performing servers eventually to avoid compromising on performance quality and page speed. If you do a bit of research, many good hosting companies are making a move to SSD servers. The best part about InMotion is that it relies on SSD servers for all their hosting plans by default. A unique feature offered by InMotion (and the only hosting company to do so) is the ‘Max Speed Zones’ facility through its multiple data centers. Website access speed can be improved considerably if the visitor is at a location closer to the data center hosting your site. To enable such improved speed and performance for your website, InMotion uses the western region data center for customers from Asia, Australia, the South Pacific, and North America, and the eastern region data center for customers from South America, Europe, and Africa. InMotion offers faster connections through peering that leads to direct data connections (between servers). To deliver this service, InMotion has collaborated with some of the largest ISPs and peer exchanges in the world.

Uptime : The uptime offered is one of the first features you should consider. You don’t want to end up with a hosting service whose servers keep going down every few months. Though no company can deliver 0% downtime, web hosting services should ideally provide 99.99% uptime because every minute your website is down can impact your website traffic significantly. InMotion offers 99.99% uptime and can actually deliver because of their high-performance, PCI compliant servers. Seeing the number of happy customers they have over the years is also a testament to their claims of 99.9% uptime. We tried to test this claim with a trial-hosting plan from InMotion and the results were up to the mark. Not only that, but InMotion offer zero downtime site transfers which greatly reduces the impact when switching to them from another host, or when switching between their different hosting plans.

Servers And Network

Servers : InMotion Hosting uses a network server array system for Shared Business Hosting plans, with most sites running on a 24 core CPU and 1 to 4 GB of RAM. Hosted websites are auto-allocated to new servers based on prioritization according to the changing needs of the data center and domain traffic. InMotion Hosting's VPS network arrays are more advanced, running on a hybrid “High Availability” framework that company technicians have invented and is not found on other web hosts. The VPS framework includes 3 to 10+ server nodes with 24 cores and 1 to 4 GB of RAM where at least three copies of each website are kept online at a single time. InMotion Hosting uses proprietary data transfer optimization tools to provide the fastest page load times possible on VPS network arrays. For Dedicated Servers, configurations based on Intel® Xeon® X3430, Xeon® E3-1246 v3, Xeon® CPU E5-2430 v2, and Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v3 are currently available. All of the InMotion Hosting servers run a version of the Linux operating system, with CentOS and Cloud Linux (paid upgrade) most prevalent. The shared server environment supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases as well as PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl for web development. Root access via SSH is available on all accounts.

Network : InMotion Hosting utilizes 2 data centers strategically located on the West and East coasts of the United States. Customers can choose which data center they would like their website hosted on for optimized performance. InMotion Hosting uses a proprietary framework branded as “Max Speed Zones™” to offer up to 6x the speed on data transfers using geo-locative routing technology. The Tier-1 network facilities offered by the InMotion Hosting data centers include the ability to route transfers through different service providers adding layers of protection for unexpected outages. With this comes a 99.9% uptime guarantee under Category A, PCI compliant standards.

Security And Backup

Security is another major concern for websites or blogs. With InMotion hosting services, you get better security. They have around four Tier 1 ISP providers to ensure smooth data flow with multiple backups in case of an emergency (such as a natural disaster).Their data centers are highly secured with scanners, armed guards and are kept in locked vaults. Such kind of high-end security clearly implies that your websites are safe and secure on InMotion servers. InMotion Hosting ranks as one of the best shared hosting services for the high level of security it provides. Its system scans incoming emails with its real-time spam-filtering feature. In an industry where basic email accounts don't often have the level of protection premier email providers give, InMotion has a great system. This is one of the few web hosts to provide every form of security, including a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, secure shell (SSH) and free site restoration. It also includes a solid-state drive for improved performance and less downtime. In order to ensure safe browsing, you can opt to buy SSL certificates ($99.99 per year with an installation fee of $25), which also includes a dedicated IP address. For the security of email accounts, InMotion also offers McAfee spam and virus protection (starting at $1.39 per month). In terms of site backups, well InMotion provide automated and free data backups included with every plan.

Customer Support

If you don’t want to indulge in the technicalities, you should always look for a hosting provider that has terrific customer support. Even if you are technically sound, you will want someone to assist you quickly when you are facing some server-side issues in real-time when every minute matters. Whatever your level of experience, when you contact support you want to trust that it will be effective. There is nothing more frustrating than contacting a support team only to know full well that you know more than the person on the other side of the phone and that you are going to struggle to get anywhere. You don’t have to worry about this with InMotion. One of the key factors in favor of InMotion is the various ways by which customers can reach out to their support team or technical experts. If you have had any previous experience with a web host, you know how easy it is to initially ignore the customer service factor. But undoubtedly, you will have some issues, and when they crop up, you need reliable and fast support. Your business quite literally depends on it, since even a brief glitch in your website could mean the loss of numerous customers. At InMotion, they have many strengths where customer support is concerned :
InMotion Hosting US Based Support

U.S. Based Support :

One of the biggest perks about using InMotion is that you are guaranteed to get the support that is based in the United States. This means faster response time as well as higher quality customer care.They don’t outsource their customer support to businesses at offshore locations.

The InMotion support staff goes through a rigorous internal training program and is based entirely in the U.S.Additionally, the customer reps that you will speak with are actually knowledgeable. All support staff is required to have at least 160 hours of internal training before being allowed to interact with customers. I have found that they actually have the expertise required to properly handle your unique issues and are not just relying on a troubleshooting script.

Great Onboarding Process :

They also have a fantastic process for getting you started using their hosting services. Especially if this is your first time getting your own website up and running, this is a major bonus. InMotion sends a series of helpful onboarding emails to help you with each phase of setting up your website on their server. What is particularly helpful is that these emails are tailored to your specific type of website and its main purpose, so you get relevant setup instructions. The end result is that this process preemptively avoids a lot of potential support problems down the road after you setup because it takes care of them at the very start.

Multiple Communication Channels :

InMotion also offers numerous avenues through which to get customer support. You can do a live chat through their website, send an email, use the traditional ticket system, call in using Skype, or you can phone in on 888.321.HOST(4678). I have found the response time for each to be fast. You can expect to get the support you need in a timely manner, which is important since every minute counts. In most cases, the InMotion live chat and telephone support response are the quickest and get the job done faster.

24/7/365 Support :

Like every good hosting service, their support team will take care of all the challenges you come across, no matter how difficult they might be – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Control Panel

InMotion Hosting Control Panel AppsInMotion offers a slightly customized version of the industry standard cPanel. You can install Softaculous on the cPanel to speed up the setup process for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, phpBB, AbanteCart, OpenCart, Magento, BoldGrid, MyBB or other PHP scripts. For security, the control panel enables password management, IP management, and Shell access by default. It also makes it very easy to manage hosted email accounts. The customized cPanel offers greater control over your websites.

Hosting Plans and Features - Which One is Right For Me?

InMotion Hosting Plans and FeaturesInMotion Hosting is a full-service web hosting provider that offers a wide variety of Shared Business Hosting plans suitable for websites of any size. Whether you are looking to build a brand new website or transfer a large, established site with advanced processing and traffic requirements to a new server, you can easily find a service plan that fits the exact needs of the web development requirements at InMotion Hosting. Each service plan offers a full range of software features and different levels of hardware performance, Shared Business Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, and Managed Hosting for CMS websites.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs typically start off with a Shared Business Hosting plan and then upgrade to a VPS account after successfully scaling the site's user community. The following review offers a detailed summary of all the different web hosting plans offered at InMotion Hosting and what each account is best recommended for in web development. All plans offered by InMotion include free SSD hosting (with great latency and throughput) and free data backups. It’s worth noting that all terms, be it monthly, annual or 24 months have a good discount just now. It is not just the longest terms that are discounted and while the heavier discounts are obviously for the longer subscription terms, it’s good to see a hosting provider incentivizing all pricing plans. The different hosting categories and plans are discussed below.

Shared Business Hosting

These shared hosting plans are suitable for hosting static websites, the database is driven CMS, along with custom applications. All plans include a free domain name and support coding in various languages such as PHP, MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Perl and Python. The three different shared business hosting plans offered by InMotion are : InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plans and Pricing InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plans and Pricing - Special Prices

Launch Plan :

2 Separate Web Sites, up to 6 domains with email, and 2 MySQL Databases
The lowest cost “Launch” account is perfect for single site owners who need an additional sandbox environment for development and testing. Take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the InMotion Hosting data center architecture on the most cost effective basis, including a free website transfer from other hosting companies.

Power Plan :

6 Separate Web Sites, up to 26 domains with email, and 50 MySQL Databases
The “Power” account is targeted to multi-site owners who need integrated web hosting facilities and an easy way to manage multiple domains under a single administration panel. This plan is recommended for web entrepreneurs, start-up site owners, and small businesses with a portfolio of domains that are under expansion.

Pro Plan :

Unlimited Web Sites, Unlimited domains with email and Unlimited MySQL Databases
The “Pro” account is optimal for web professionals who frequently launch many different sites under a single company framework or have many domains under development at the same time. The performance gains, cPanel management, and domain tools provide everything required for web development in an optimized environment.
Note Only this plan includes Pro Level Support.

In addition to the Shared Business hosting packages, for exactly the same price InMotion offer WordPress Optimized hosting packages. As part of a WordPress Optimized set up you can get WordPress pre-installed by a technical expert, automatic updates, free site and database backups and WP-CLI integration. These are essentially the same hosting plans but optimized for WordPress. Another bonus of the Shared Business accounts from InMotion Hosting is that the company has integrated many of the tools from their managed WordPress hosting service into the basic plans. This means that developers can access BoldGrid tools for WordPress, use WP-CLI for command line management, or access a pre-installed version of the CMS. All of the Shared Business Hosting accounts from InMotion Hosting include a 99.9% uptime guarantee and integrated back-up services, as well as their industry leading technical support. InMotion Hosting offers unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth transfer on all these three accounts, as well as the ability to choose the geo-location of the server architecture.

InMotion Shared Business Hosting vs Other Competitors

InMotion Shared Business Hosting vs Other Competitors

VPS Hosting

These Virtual Private Server plans are suitable for growing businesses that require powerful and flexible hosting options. They all come with RAID 6 SSD storage and run on CentOS 6 Linux operating systems. The three VPS hosting plans provided by InMotion are : InMotion VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing
The above prices are for Biennial Subscription. Click on the screenshot to view other VPS Subscription Terms at InMotion Hosting Website.

Is InMotion right for VPS hosting?

InMotion VPS is definitely a great deal for small and medium businesses by leveraging their rock-solid industry experience and knowledge since 2001, powerful web servers, and scalable network infrastructure.

InMotion VPS Review Overall

InMotion hosting offers 3 VPS plans named as VPS-1000HA-S, VPS-2000HA-S, and VPS-3000HA-S. The main differences are the dedicated/burstable memory, monthly bandwidth, disk space, dedicated IP, and price, seeing the comparison chart in detail as below.
InMotion VPS Hosting Full Features
Our suggestion for you is to choose InMotion VPS-1000HA-S, but not VPS-2000HA-S advertised as the BEST VALUE by themselves. VPS-1000HA-S is regularly priced at $44.99/mo, but with 24% discount, it is down to $34.19/mo. In our practice, running a WordPress site with about 3000 unique visits or 8500 page views daily on VPS-2000HA-S is only 7.9% faster than VPS-1000HA-S. So the improvement of site performance is very slight. If you’re upgrading from shared web hosting service, we’d like to recommend you go with InMotion VPS-1000HA-S at first at least. If you think there is a bottleneck of volume or performance for your site in a few weeks, you may consider VPS-2000HA-S.

InMotion VPS Pricing

InMotion VPS-1000HA-S starts at $34.19/mo with a 24% discount. It’s not the cheapest VPS over the Internet, but it’s the cheapest VPS at the level of the hosting service, reliability, and performance. You can find a cheaper deal from 1and1 or MyHosting, but the quality is not the same as InMotion VPS. Think about the purpose for VPS but not shared web hosting, you’re looking for a more reliable web hosting service, right? InMotion VPS makes your businesses risk-free and worry-free.

InMotion VPS Reliability

InMotion VPS provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the service in practice. InMotion utilizes BGP4 Smart Routing technology in their data centers, which allows them to switch away from any of the bandwidth providers experiencing interruption and any connectivity issues, instantly and intelligently.

InMotion VPS Performance

The performance of InMotion VPS comes from the sufficient server redundancies, multiple data center, and powerful servers. Compared to VPS from other companies, InMotion VPS only not provides the dedicated memory but also burstable memory. The burstable memory is the buffer reserved on the server in case of your website having burstable traffic at a time. InMotion has multiple data centers in either East Coast or West Coast. This means that your website and email is not needed to travel thousands of miles just delivering content to clients nearby. With InMotion VPS, you choose the data center location for your most focusing and targeting region. InMotion only uses Commercial-Grade equipment from their hardware partners like Dell and Cisco. All servers of InMotion are 100% Dell branded.

InMotion VPS Hosting vs Other Competitors

InMotion VPS Hosting vs Other Competitors

Dedicated Hosting

These plans offer single processor and dual processor dedicated, Linux servers with LAMP stack. InMotion provides a dedicated managed server hosting team for server monitoring and customized configurations. InMotion provide SSH and Root access to their servers, which isn’t all that common from a host, but incredibly useful. Each managed plan also comes with between two and four hours of experienced system admin time at launch, and this is great for peace of mind when it comes to ensuring everything is configured and set up correctly for your own needs.
InMotion Dedicated Hosting Plans and Pricing The above prices are for Annual Subscription. Click on the screenshot to view other Dedicated Subscription Terms at InMotion Hosting Website.

  • The last three plans also classify as enterprise hosting service plans.
  • Be aware that, the pricing here is representative of an ‘off the shelf’ configuration. Any customization that takes place to add any additional hardware or software will, of course, come at a price.

InMotion Dedicated Hosting vs Other Competitors

InMotion Dedicated Hosting vs Other Competitors

Reseller Hosting

You can kick-start your own, white labeled hosting company with InMotion’s Reseller Hosting Program that includes a free dedicated IP, free cPanel, and free eNom domain reseller account. The six plans are :
InMotion Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing
The above prices are for Biennial Subscription. Click on the screenshot to view other Reseller Subscription Terms at InMotion Hosting Website.

InMotion Reseller Hosting vs Other Competitors

InMotion Reseller Hosting vs Other Competitors

WordPress Hosting

I learned about InMotion hosting earlier before I’ve setup an account with MediaTemple more than a year back I was willing to try them out. However, back then Managed WordPress hosting was the hot cake, and like everyone I was also excited to try out my hands on the managed WordPress hosting, whereas InMotion Hosting is optimized for WordPress but “not managed” so that’s how I end up signing up an account with MediaTemple. Fast forward today, I managed to get an account with InMotion hosting for WordPress. I am all set to put their hosting services on a tougher side, and see how it performs with WordPress. Whether InMotion hosting stands by all their claims? Are their servers really fine tuned for WordPress, will they able to handle sudden traffic spike on your WordPress site? let’s get answers to all your doubts in this InMotion WordPress hosting review.
InMotion WordPress Hosting Plans and Pricing
The above prices are for Biennial Subscription. Click on the screenshot to view other WordPress Subscription Terms at InMotion Hosting Website.

Why InMotion hosting for WordPress?

WordPress isn’t same as it used to be, it’s getting feature rich with each update, and requires more resources to perform automated tasks via WP cron etc. I still remember, how irritating it was when you used to receive notices from a typical shared Linux hosting company, which used to temporarily suspend my account for overusing the resources, on the other hand in those days being a novice, I used to have no clue on how to fix the resource usage of my WordPress site. Well, that was earlier, now with hosting optimized for WordPress, you won’t be facing the similar issues. These kind of hosting environments are specially setup for WordPress based websites, which are optimized for higher resource usage and fine tuned to handle, all sorts of resource intensive WordPress plugins. InMotion's managed WordPress hosting services offers no limitations on several features with unlimited websites, disk space, page views, as well as data transfers per month.

InMotion WordPress Hosting vs Other Competitors

InMotion WordPress Hosting vs Other Competitors

Advantages Of InMotion

InMotion offers unlimited emails at all levels, and SSD drives on all shared hosting plans, that is a pretty big plus. The additional provision of Launch Assist for VPS or dedicated server plans makes it relatively easy for you to get things going without having much knowledge about the servers. Their ‘Go Green’ initiative with dedicated efforts to decrease the carbon footprint of their data centers along with the implementation of green cooling methods.

InMotion Hosting Banner

Why Choose InMotion Hosting :

  • Trusted and recognized company
  • Long Money Back Period (90 days)
  • Shared, VPS, and dedicated plans for websites of any size
  • High performance, business grade web hosting solutions
  • Free backup and restore tools for your website
  • Free private SSL with all shared business hosting plans
  • More RAM, more storage, and more bandwidth compared to the other web hosts.
  • Both secure and reliable, which makes it a great choice for e-commerce
  • Uses cPanel, the industry standard control panel for managing your web hosting account
  • The best customer support you’ll ever receive via telephone and email
  • Preferred choice for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla CMS websites
  • FREE Solid State Drives (SSD) for enhanced performance
  • Free Advertising Credits
  • Improved Security against DDoS Attacks
  • Allows customers to choose geographical server location during checkout for maximum speeds and reduced latency

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

InMotion Hosting also offers managed hosting, WordPress specific hosting, and web development services. Their dedication to the WordPress platform has led to the inclusion of numerous site management tools in the hosting account plans that are not found with other service providers. The managed hosting services allow for the access of specialized technical support representatives for account management at costs ranging from $33 to $40 per hour, compared to $75 per hour outside of the planning framework. Services provided with the managed hosting plans include Nginx deployment, Varnish Cache configuration, web security enhancement, and server optimization for LAMP. Web development services include custom theme design and site publishing for SMEs and enterprise. Most web hosting companies are not equipped with these additional layers of technical service related to web development and paid cooperation with client script management. We believe this company experience translates to a higher overall level of quality in technical support at InMotion Hosting.
Trusted and recognized company :
Inmotion has proven its trustworthy and its dedicated to providing top notch service over the years. It has been a CNET certified hosting company 14 years in a row and has been accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ service rating (A+ being the best and F being the worst rating).
Long Money Back Period :
The company stands behind their services, and they will guarantee that all their customers will always get reliable hosting service and the support they need. All hosting plans that have 6 months or longer contract period are covered with the 90-day money back guarantee. All monthly billed packages are eligible for a full refund within 30 days. Check out InMotion’s terms for full details.
Developer Tools :
The new integration of the BoldGrid WordPress website builder framework with shared hosting accounts and the ability to use Git easily for web development teams makes InMotion Hosting popular with both programmers and designers. The strong support for Python, Ruby, Perl, and PostgreSQL on the platform also makes InMotion Hosting a good choice for coders building custom web and mobile applications. Command line use for web development is standard even on shared accounts at InMotion Hosting.
Improved Security against DDoS Attacks :
InMotion Hosting now delivers a better and safer defense against DDoS attacks with the Corero Smartwall Threat Defense System. This allows them to successfully defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages. While most websites are not specifically targeted by DDoS attacks, the extra layer of security against automated network attacks is valuable as insurance and demonstrates the extra attention to detail in services provided by the company.
Free Advertising Credits :
All new accounts at InMotion Hosting receive $250 in free advertising credits with Google AdSense, Microsoft Bing Ads, Yahoo! and ($100 of Google Adwords credits, $75 of Bing advertising credits and $75 of Yahoo advertising credits. And also a free Yellow Pages business listing). For web marketers and social media promoters, or small businesses looking to build more traffic to their websites, this can be a valuable service. When added to the bottom line of costs that would be allocated anyway in support of a web business, these offers can make an InMotion Hosting account comparatively cheaper.

Disadvantages Of InMotion

So, now I have reviewed the pros, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of using InMotion Hosting.
  • High Pricing Of Their VPS Hosting Plans
  • Phone Verification, Slow Account Setup
  • Limited Site Add-ons
  • Price Point
  • Year Long Contract
  • Frequent Hardware Upgrades And Scheduled Maintenance
  • Premium Website Builder Feels Old And Outdated
High Pricing Of Their VPS Hosting Plans :
Especially the renewal rates after the first year
As compared to any other service providers (like Bluehost) that offer similar services. In addition to that, most managed hosting packages that you find are ‘all inclusive’ when it comes to support, and part of the package price. So having this support service as an ‘add on’ is not the best.
Phone Verification :
Signup verification via phone - All purchases must be manually verified to eliminate fake Users/Spam
After you purchase a hosting plan from their website, you’ll need to be verified by phone. This means that after checkout, you won't be able to log into your account and start settings things up until after the verification. Basically, a staff member from InMotion Hosting will call you to verify that you are a real person who is intending on hosting a real site that is not spam or containing any illegal activities. They are very strict about spam, which is a good thing. Although unfortunately, it does mean that you won't have access to your account immediately after you signup. You may need to wait about 30 minutes before they call, verify, and activate your account. You can speed up the whole process by calling them instead of waiting for them to call you. Either way, we feel this is a con and prefer that they activate your account immediately after purchase and then call you later to verify.
Limited Site Add-ons :
For the Launch plan (their most basic hosting plan), InMotion Hosting only allows 2 websites. Although this is an entry level plan and they do have other higher tier plans for multi-domain hosting, it would still be nice to host unlimited sites on the basic account. As it stands, this is an up-sell technique that leads to a higher overall price for an unlimited shared hosting account compared to other cPanel-based web hosting companies, but this is also offset by free upgrades and higher performance. So, if your plan is to run a significant number of websites, you may have to consider a different host, or just be prepared to pay a bit more for the Pro package. But if you just need a couple of sites, this shouldn’t really impact you at all.
Price Point :
Probably the biggest con to InMotion is that its price point is higher than most other shared hosting services offering similar services. However, you do get what you pay for, and with the customer service options, and free backup and restore, free migration services, and a number of other free applications, I believe they make up for it in other areas.
Year Long Contract :
Another downside is that when you do purchase their services, you are locked into a year long contract. This does mean you take a little bit of a gamble that you will be satisfied with it and it will be worth the money. However, they do offer a very generous 90-day money back guarantee, so ultimately, the risk isn’t too bad. The industry standard is a 30-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee is especially reassuring if you are prepaying for an entire year to get better pricing. However be aware that the money-back guarantee does not include any add-on purchases such as SSL certificates or domain name registrations.
Frequent Hardware Upgrades And Scheduled Maintenance :
This is both a pro and a con. Having hosted sites with InMotion Hosting for years, we have noticed frequent email notifications to customers about scheduled maintenance. These emails alert customers about scheduled maintenance (such as upgrading server hardware and software) and possible downtime (during the maintenance) to improve their services. It’s great that they’re continually updating their network, but nobody wants to see downtime either. Fortunately, the maintenance is always scheduled at night during slow times when traffic is minimal and the downtime is just a couple of minutes. Overall it’s for the best, but those scheduled maintenance emails do seem to pop up frequently.
Premium Website Builder :
The premium website builder that InMotion Hosting uses feels very old and outdated. Furthermore, it's confusing to use. There are other better website builders out there on the market. We wouldn't recommend using this website builder.

The Final Verdict

Overall, InMotion ticks most boxes in our ideal web hosting service checklist. They have a large variety of hosting plans at various price points and features, making it easier for you to find the plan that fits your needs best. The free eCommerce tools, free SSD storage, excellent support staff, and reliability, work significantly in their favor. InMotion Hosting is our top choice for hosting a website and we highly recommend them for professional businesses of all sizes. They offer high-performance web hosting with exceptional customer support. We also highly recommend them for hosting WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla sites. InMotion Hosting now offers free integration of BoldGrid for web designers looking to use a premium website builder with WordPress. Other open source website builder tools are also available using “one click” installation with Softaculous. InMotion Hosting is a growing player in the competitive field of website hosting. What sets it apart from other web hosts is the high quality of its customer support and advanced security offerings, even with its lowest-tier plan. The only flaws in the Launch plan are the small number of subdomains and lack of pro support. This service has risen through the ranks and is easily now a top-tier web host.

InMotion Hosting Coupon Codes

InMotion Hosting does not offer any discount codes through third-party websites. However InMotion regularly runs various promotions and sales, and you are best off visiting for the legitimate coupon and promo codes. InMotion Hosting Coupon Codes

Helpful FAQs About InMotion Hosting

Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about InMotion Hosting :

What is

InMotion Hosting is a web hosting company that was founded in 2001. It has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA, in the United States and the company has two data centers : one in Los Angeles, and one in Herndon, Virginia.

How do I order a web hosting plan from InMotion?

You can order a web hosting plan from InMotion by visiting their website, Choose the appropriate hosting plan you want, then click “Order Now”. Select the term (12 months or 24 months) and click continue. Next, choose a domain name or if you already have a domain name, you can use your existing one. Decline or accept any extra services. Then enter your billing and payment info to place the order.

What payments does InMotion Hosting accept?

InMotion Hosting accepts credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), as well as payment via check and money order. However, payment via PayPal is not an option.

What technical support does InMotion Hosting provide?

InMotion Hosting offers US based support via phone, Skype, email, and live chat. Support is available 24/7/365. You can also tweet them on @inmotioncares.

How long does it take to activate my hosting account?

Your InMotion account will be activated the same business day you place your order. But all new customers need to verify their hosting purchase via a phone verification process.

Does InMotion Hosting offer a free domain?

No, InMotion Hosting does not offer a free domain name with their web hosting plans.

Will InMotion Hosting transfer my website from another web host?

Yes, InMotion Hosting will migrate your website across to them. Costs may apply to website transfers consisting of greater than 3 sites and/or databases or more than 5GB data.

Does InMotion offer automatic backups?

Yes, InMotion Hosting performs backups of all websites under 10GB's. There are additional backup options for websites over 10GB's, available upon request. Restoring your website is free, but limited to once every 4 months. A fee of $49 will apply for any additional restores.

Does InMotion Hosting offer an SSL certificate?

Yes, all of InMotion shared hosting plans come with access to shared SSL certificate, free private SSL certificates on all Shared Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server plans (as of July 28 2017).

Where can I find InMotion Hosting coupon codes?

InMotion Hosting does not offer any discount codes through third-party websites. However InMotion regularly runs various promotions and sales, and you are best off visiting for the legitimate coupon and promo codes.

What are InMotion Hosting Name Servers?

InMotion Hosting name servers are :

How can I cancel?

You can cancel your account at any time. You will need to submit a cancellation notice online via their electronic cancellation form.

Do I get a refund and how does it work?

Yes. InMotion Hosting offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on shared hosting plans and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. This means that you have 90 (or 30 for VPS and Dedicated) days to receive a full refund. If you cancel after 90 (or 30) days, you’ll receive a prorated refund (basically a refund for the time left that you didn't use). There are no time limits or contracts and you can cancel at any time, even after 90 (or 30) days. However, any SSL certificates, domain privacy fees, or domain names you registered with InMotion are non-refundable. This is standard for most web hosts. If you got a free domain name from InMotion, there is a non-refundable fee of $15.99. You can keep the domain name and can transfer it or point it somewhere else.
Have you used InMotion’s hosting services? What were their best features and major disadvantages as per your experience? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!
Published : Thu 05 Apr 2018
Updated : Sat 09 Jan 2021

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