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The world is moving online. Literally! Everything from businesses to marketplaces and games is available online. The Internet has over the past few years, become the largest marketplace, connecting billions of people from all over the world. Following this trend, everyone now owns a website. Hobbyist, bloggers, journalists, businesses, musicians, all own websites. However, what many don’t know is the numerous number of servers in the background working to keep these websites online. Behind the scenes, there are hundreds of companies offering web hosting services. The sheer number of such companies has made stiff competition among them. They, therefore, work to outwit each other by offering the best in terms of server performance, uptime guarantees, and price. One such company is HawkHost. It has been around for over a decade and is considered as one of the best in the industry. This HawkHost review aims to shed more light on the company and what it has to offer. We will cover more about the company, the products and services offered, prices, features, and the pros and cons. Let’s get started.

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Hawkhost Introduction

Before I get into this, if you're looking for larger site support (such as the type of support you need for an E-Commerce site, forum or site with large amounts of traffic) then I'd suggest choosing either SiteGround or WPEngine - WPEngine is the best alternative if your site is built in WordPress. That being said, if you have a blog or a smaller site (or sites) that you're looking to get a fast and secure host for that won't break the bank. Then I am very proud to introduce to you: HawkHost - In my opinion, the most affordable host on the planet when it comes to value. You might find cheaper but nothing that can match their quality and performance. Whether you're an agency looking to resell hosting to local business clients, looking to get an SSD powered VPS at a decent price or just looking to host your growing blog then HawkHost is likely your best option. Highly recommend using the VPS hosting for super fast results. We think that HawkHost is the best solution for those who have one eye firmly fixed on price but don't want second rate performance. For the price conscious we have worked out an additional bonus for our readers, click the button below for a 25% OFF discount deal for hosting with HawkHost.

HawkHost Mascot

What is HawkHost?

Originally founded in 2004, HawkHost is a Canadian web hosting company that started out with providing shared hosting plans and has over 10 years of experience in the hosting industry, which cannot be taken lightly how many changes have occurred in the industry since the company’s inception. Since then, it has grown quickly and now is one of the largest hosting providers out there. The company has 7 data centers established across the globe in Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Amsterdam NL, Singapore SG, Hong Kong China and Toronto and therefore is capable of providing a variety of services.This provides a convenient way of hosting your website closest to where your target audience is. Coupled with the company’s more than a decade experience, you are promised quality service that is bound to satisfy you.

I’ve been using HawkHost’s shared hosting for over six years now (since April 2012) so this review is overdue. I like that they are upfront about resources on their shared plans (1 CPU Core, 1GB Memory, 5MB/sec/IO, 100 Processes, 20 concurrent connections, and 25 MySQL Connections). HawkHost has reasonable prices and the quality of their service is worth well more than the low rates they charge. The company is pretty good at providing a variety of hosting services, such as shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, VPS hosting and domain registrations. It is, therefore, a one-stop shop for all website creation and hosting needs. The majority of the companies that attempt to give all types of hosting services end up reducing their quality. However, the HawkHosting Company has successfully avoided this kind of problem.

The original brand name of HawkHost is Devoted Host which started its operations in the year 2004. The company has successfully rebranded since then, especially after one of the founders of the company departed. The company was renamed as HawkHost in the year 2008. This implies that HawkHost has over a decade of experience with respect to web hosting business. They became a Canadian corporation just after 6 months of the rebranding. HawkHost is known to be a standard web hosting service provider irrespective of their complex history. The main focus of the HawkHost web hosting service is shared web hosting. But the company also offers semi-dedicated, reseller and VPS hosting services. With unlimited bandwidth and domains coupled with SSD-powered storage highlighting just a few of the features HawkHost provides, we can’t help but feel optimistic about their service. Keep reading our HawkHost review to find out if they stand out among a crowded field!

About HawkHost
Website: www.hawkhost.com
Address: 710 Tower St South PO Box 50081
Phone: 800-859-8803
Email: Support(at)hawkhost.com

Data Centers and Network

HawkHost uptime guarantee is 99.9% and network speed, as well as server speed, is quite fast. That is mainly because HawkHost uses rock-solid hardware and network systems covering the whole world. Specifically speaking, HawkHost customers will have the choice to select the data center location from 7 different data centers in 3 continents: Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong kong and Toronto.

So, no matter where they are from, they can find the closest data center to enjoy reliable and fast performance. Moreover, all data centers for them are Tier 4, connected by Tier 1 or Tier 2 communication providers. Plus your website is hosted in an SSD host. You’ll know your website is hosted in a solid server infrastructure. SSD is important and gives your website a HUGE HUGE boost when it comes to speed. Then let’s check the specifications of data centers and take Dallas data center as an example. It is spacious with 68,000 square feet. To maintain the reliability, this data center has 11.1 MW power capacity, redundant backup fuel, and HVAC temperature control. What’s more, Juniper system and Intermap FCP 5000 are highlights of network features. On top of that, HawkHost servers have dual Intel Xeon processors, 12 CPUs, RAID-10 solid state drives and at least 32 GB memory. Besides daily R1Soft backups, professional engineers monitor the servers every second and minute. HawkHost Server Specifications

Features, Speed, Reliability and Uptime

HawkHost is unique in the sense that they use LiteSpeed Web Server– their version of a replacement for Apache, the world’s most popular web server software. They claim that Litespeed is up to 9x faster than Apache when dealing with static content, while also being 50% faster when serving PHP requests. The added value of Litespeed is better management over your site’s resources, allowing you to better serve and handle traffic. As a further sign of HawkHost’s commitment to providing powerful hardware, all HawkHost plans come standard with enterprise-grade SSDs and are powered by 12-core CPUs with a staggering 32 GB of RAM. HawkHost has a page dedicated to their data servers where you can download test files to measure which location is faster for your site’s traffic. We decided to run a test download from their Amsterdam location (from our Budapest office), which resulted in achieving a very favorable 39 MB/s download and 6.5 MB/s upload speed. HawkHost is also an official CloudFlare partner, meaning all of their data centers are optimized for CloudFlare CDN, allowing you to better serve your site’s visitors depending on their location and your content. HawkHost Features


These are the features that you get once you buy hosting from hawkhost no matter the category you’ve bought from. These include :
Safe and secure: HawkHost boasts a large team of highly professional support staff who monitor their servers all round the clock to ensure that it is safe and sound from outside attacks.
Round-the-clock support: The quality of customer support matters a lot in rating a company. All plans offered give you instant access to a team of professional no matter the time of day or night.
99.9% uptime guarantee: So that your business does not suffer because of downtime. HawkHost have heavily invested in ensuring there is adequate backup. This means that you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
Excellent experience: Apart from the great customer support, HawkHost banks on its decade-long experience to provide the best hosting experience possible. They are completely devoted and committed to your success.
Free website migration: Migrating your website will never be a concern on HawkHost thanks to free migrations. You will get help to transfer your account from your old host at no extra charge.

Speed - Missile Over the Clouds


I've already mentioned that this hosting provider offers great performance at a great price. So let's explore how they deliver their higher levels of performance. Due to all of the server's in HawkHost's network being SSD based you'll enjoy super fast load times and better read/write times - For when it comes to building/managing your site and improved load times for dynamic sites such as forums. Our tests (on a default WordPress installation, from a different country to the data center) shows load times to be around 1s. This means this host is punching way above weight. You have no right to be getting that speed at that price.

Editor's Note : Testing on larger sites (with speed optimization on them) showed load times of anywhere between 2s and 3s from a US data center to the Amsterdam based server we chose to host with. This is before we looked at optimizing site speed by compressing images. It's not unrealistic to expect site speed of 2 seconds when well optimized. Reasonably fast and for the price of the primary plan that is a decent ROI for your website host.


Regardless of which hosting company you choose to go with; you need to make sure that you will be placed on a reliable server that delivers with optimum performance. With HawkHost, you will be able to test the speed on each of the servers located in the various data centers. At the time of purchasing your hosting account, you could ask the representative to send you an uptime report for the server you will be on. This would give you an idea of how reliable the servers really are. HawkHost does have a 99.9% uptime guarantee for its shared hosting services. HawkHost enables use with 4 popular content management systems with very popular installs for WordPress and Magneto. We don't recommend larger E-commerce stores use HawkHost and instead turn to WPEngine or SiteGround. Using HawkHost as your hosting provider you will have access to multiple domains, subdomains, and email accounts. Access to these popular content management systems is provided through a one click install, as advertised on the main page. The perfect accomplice for the non-technical minded, everyone starts somewhere. You can be online and build your website in minutes.
Uptime Gauge


HawkHost is running some very fast servers, and offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Standard across most hosts out there, but the load speed is the kicker. In case your site goes down due to issues regarding the data center or server and if it falls below this SLA, a discount on your next monthly bill will be ensured. The discount starts at 10% and can go up to 100% in case your downtime for a month is higher than 1%. Any kind of outage is not experienced by the majority of the people and therefore a stable environment is provided by HawkHost. HawkHost has 7 data centers across the globe which contribute to the impeccable HawkHost Speed. 4 out of 7 are located in the US, while the remaining Three are located in Singapore, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Strong network connections, as well as complete power backup, have been provided to avoid any kind of outage. Maintenance data can be viewed by the users on each data center in addition to its technical specifications.

Speed test can be performed by the customers in each data center to check the quickest one out of the 7 data centers. They can also check the download speed of different test files. HawkHost downtime issue has not been mentioned much by their clients. HawkHost Status is updated on the website regularly. HawkHost is a very affordable hosting option for your websites that can be used for a variety of reasons, resell or host your own public blog they can cover your requirements. The only downside to HawkHost is that it doesn't handle larger websites as well, the load times clog up and you can feel the drain. Using HawkHost I felt like I had finally found a reliable provider that could provide the best uptime at a great price with all the features. And that's the point. You should be choosing your hosting provider and service that meets your specific needs. HawkHost doesn't do everything well, but it does do hosting for small businesses exceptional well and if that's your need then you should consider my recommendation.

Great Uptime on Average

March 2017 - 99.98% Uptime (7 minutes of downtime)
April 2017 - 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
May 2017 - 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
June 2017 - 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
July 2017 - 99.72% Uptime (125 minutes of downtime)
August 2017 through September 2016 - *14 Months of 100% Uptime!* (0 minutes of downtime)
October 2018 - 99.97% Uptime (13 minutes of downtime)
November 2018 - 99.99% Uptime (1 minutes of downtime)
December 2018 through May 2017 - *6 Months of 100% Uptime!* (0 minutes of downtime)
June 2019 - 99.96% Uptime (15 minutes of downtime)
July 2019 - 99.91% Uptime (37 minutes of downtime)
I don't have any uptime monitoring data prior to February 2017, but I do remember experiencing at least a few notably bad months with downtime like this July in years past. Overall though, HawkHost has great uptime and when there are problems they are on it fast.



UPS battery backups and diesel generators are present to ensure power redundancy in HawkHost's Data Centers, while on-site security and 24/7 monitoring take care of the security aspect of your server. If you have a high traffic or e-commerce site, you’ll definitely know what SSL certificates are and the benefits behind them, both from a conversion and security aspect. HawkHost offers SSL certificates starting at $14.99 a year (AlphaSSL) and these can be quickly installed from the cPanel interface. HawkHost SSL Plans and PricingSSH access and custom cronjob support are also available if you require greater management for your site. There is an assortment of functions and features available for customers of HawkHost. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space are as expected to be used in moderation. The one-click installs make hosting an easy to manage service. HawkHost gives you a free domain when you sign up, you can use this domain any way that you want to. The small things like the free domain and the free Adwords voucher are what adds the icing on the cake for me. For people on tight budgets, just starting out, coupled with one click installs, this makes it an affordable and attractive option.

Overview of HawkHost Hosting Services

Two shared hosting plans are provided in HawkHost shared hosting service for the customers to choose from, Primary plan and Professional plan. Shared hosting plans usually work their way from disk space of 10,000 MB and unlimited bandwidth (in case of Primary plan), and unlimited disk space and bandwidth (in case of Professional plan). HawkHost Reseller plans and shared hosting plans are structured quite similarly. Three options are available starting from 15 GB disk space along with a maximum of 50 cPanel accounts.

Two semi-dedicated hosting plans are available for customers who desire greater power without any additional expense of the dedicated servers. These plans start with disk space of 20 GB SSD Space for Nestling plan and unlimited disk space for Talon plan. Both with unlimited bandwidth. Three VPS hosting plans are offered under the HawkHost VPS plans. The Basic plan offers disk space of 30 GB SSD and a bandwidth of 1500 GB on a monthly basis. All the customers are guaranteed with 1024 MB RAM. The CPU power is equally shared amongst all accounts of VPS on the host server. The plan spans up to a Super plan which offers a disk space of 50 GB, a bandwidth of 3000 GB and 4096 MB RAM. Besides, HawkHost domain services are worth considering because of the benefits offered.

All hosting plans come with following offers:
Unlimited Email Accounts
SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP Support
CGI, Ruby, Perl, PHP (5.2, 5.3 & 5.4) Support
Free Site Builder
LiteSpeed Web Server
24/7 Sales/Support
Visit www.Hawkhost.com for hosting plans!

Enjoy the rest of the review and please feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

HawkHost Pricing Review

The hawkhost shared hosting packages supports monthly, annual and biennial payments. The monthly pricing of the Primary shared hosting package is at $4.99. However, the biennial payment is the most cost- effective, which is billed at $2.99/mo only, almost 40% off. Besides, HawkHost VPS charges from $18/mo and its semi-dedicated server starts at $15.99/mo. More than that, customers who buy HawkHost shared hosting, reseller hosting and semi-dedicated servers can take advantage of HawkHost 30-day money back guarantee. With it, they can ask for a refund if they feel unsatisfied within the first 30 days.

Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

Many features that you desire in a hosting service is completely provided by HawkHost Hosting. Like most other companies in the hosting industry, HawkHost offers shared hosting services to its users. This service is meant to serve entry-level users and those who do not require too much server resources. It is, therefore, best for startup companies, small businesses, bloggers, hobbyists, and other small-time internet users. Two packages are available under the shared hosting service : Primary and Professional.

These two shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, databases, domains and e-mail accounts, free SSL Certificate, free Migrations and free Memcached Server as well as your choice of server location. The only difference between these two plans is just the amount of disk space, The Primary plan gives you 10 GB of space while Professional plan has unlimited disk space. You will have full access to cPanel and Fantastico which comes with both shared hosting plans.
HawkHost Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

Primary Package

This is meant for small-time users who only need minimal space, and processing powers. It is also the best for people with small budgets or who do not want to spend too much for a test project. The package offers 10 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited domains attached to the account, a free SSL certificate, a free Memcache server, and free website migrations, which starts at $4.99 a month and can go down to $2.99 for a two-year term.

Professional Package

This is the best and most lucrative shared hosting package available on HawkHost. It is meant for professionals who need lots of storage space, businesses that manage large databases, or people who need space for large multimedia files. It offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited domains attached to the account, a free SSL certificate, a free Memcache server, and free website migrations at $7.99 a month.

Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing

HawkHost have realized the need for hosting services. They also realized that not everyone who wants to sell hosting has the resources needed to setup complete datacenters. This was, therefore, a gap in the market that needed to be closed. To this end, they started offering reseller packages making it possible for people with the know-how to rent and sell hosting space as if it was their own. There are three packages on offer: Bronze, Silver, and Platinum packages. A common feature across all packages is unlimited bandwidth, cPanel/WHM access, and free Memcached server.
HawkHost Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing

Bronze Package

Small-time resellers will benefit from this package. It is low cost and offers a number of valuable features. With this package, you will get 15GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 50 cPanel Accounts, free Memcache server, and cPanel/WHM access. Prices start at $12.99 monthly.

Silver Package

The silver package is for resellers who already have a foothold in the market and would want to increase the resources allocated to them. It is cost effective and offers more than the basic bronze package. The silver package offers 30GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 cPanel Accounts, cPanel/WHM access, a free Memcache server, and a free WHMCS license. Prices start at $25.99 monthly.

Platinum Package

If you already have a strong presence in the web hosting space, this is the reseller package to go for. It gives you the best services without the hassle of managing physical servers. You can, therefore, spend more time worrying about clients and making more money. This package offers you 60GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 200 cPanel Accounts, cPanel/WHM access, a free Memcache server, a free WHMCS license, and a free dedicated IP address. Prices start at $45.99 per month.

VPS Hosting Plans

You can request the company to provide you a VPS server or a semi-dedicated hosting in case you have outgrown the options regarding shared hosting. Irrespective of the package you opt for, you will receive certain features, such as LiteSpeed which is a premium site builder. If you need greater flexibility or control of your site, VPS plans start at $5 a month ($4.17 for 1-year period), which includes 20GB of SSD Disk Space and 1TB of bandwidth. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that additional features such as cPanel, Softaculous Script Installer, and Fantastico will run you a couple of extra dollars a month. VPS hosting gives you the best of the worlds of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. It gives you your own virtual server to manage and tweak to your liking, but it shares the same physical server with several other virtual servers. The most obvious advantage of a VPS server, however, is the added security. In a shared hosting, insecurity in one website affects all other websites on the server. With VPS hosting, however, no server affects the security of any other server.
HawkHost VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plans

HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Hosting AdvantagesHawkHost’s dedicated plans are defined as semi-dedicated starting at $19.99 a month ($15.99 for a biennial term), meaning that while you are given greater resources and management for your site, the server that you are using isn’t exactly your own. While we weren’t able to find out exactly how many people you would exactly be sharing the server with, we recommend that if you need a truly dedicated server for your business, check out WebHostingBuzz or Site5 for better options instead. But if you love the power of a dedicated server but don’t have the money to host one, the semi-dedicated hosting plans offered by HawkHost is a great purchase. Below are the plans available under it :
HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plans and Pricing

Nestling Package

This package offers 20GB SSD storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free Memcached server, free SSL certificate, 2GB of Memory, and 2 Full CPUs. Prices start at $15.99 a month.

Talon Package

This package offers Unlimited SSD storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free Memcached server, free SSL certificate, 2GB of Memory, and 2 Full CPUs. Prices start at $39.99 a month.

Domain Registration Services

HawkHost also offers domain registration services starting at $10.95 a year, which is quite affordable and comparable to popular domain registrars such as GoDaddy or NameCheap.
HawkHost Domain Registration Prices

Control Panel

The Hawkhost control panel also uses the latest version of cPanel, so it provides so much simplicity to manage your site’s File and database on the server. cPanel itself is the most popular control panel, which is also equipped with a variety of excellent features like Softaculous, Fantastico, RVSiteBuilder, IP Deny Manager, Hotlink Protection, phpMyAdmin, Roundcube, Horde and SquirrelMail.
HawkHost Control Panel FeaturescPanel comes as the standard interface for many shared hosting providers with HawkHost being no different, giving you the comfort and ease we’ve come to expect with the popular control panel. one click installs of many popular platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and CubeCart are all supported through Softaculous. HawkHost offers their own site builder software as well, although we were disappointed to see that this service is available for an extra $99 a month (this includes shared hosting), which is certainly quite a substantial amount when considering other providers either charge very little or nothing at all.

HawkHost WordPress Hosting

HawkHost WordPress services are fast and easy to install. WordPress website can be installed in a couple of minutes with the one-click install process. Free expert migration and support are offered by the company. The team offers assistance in moving WordPress sites. The servers have been optimized for tuning WordPress in order to have a much better experience.

Support and Customer Services

I find it difficult to write positive reviews because by nature I am demanding. HawkHost is excellent at what it sets out to do, and that offers great performance for a really affordable price. But, like I said at the beginning of the review, the only thing letting HawkHost down is the lack of a completely dedicated support team that has both phone availability and a live chat system, or one or the other. Unfortunately, HawkHost has neither, which results in painful waits for support tickets to come back. Usually, they'll be replied to within 30 minutes, but for more complicated tickets or on peak hours it can take up to 2 hours - Which is exactly why I don't recommend using their service for a larger site when you generally have more need to be in contact with customer support. I also don't like that sometimes, the tickets have templated answers, because it has left me feeling like my question or issue hasn't been fully answered.

HawkHost claims to treat all their customers equally, meaning that everyone will be given the same level of support and assistance, regardless of their technical background. While HawkHost does offer 24/7 customer support, they do this through an extensive ticket system coupled with a knowledge base, rather than the traditional methods of phone and live chat support. While we were disappointed to learn of the omission of these support options, we were happy to see a multitude of positive tweets mentioning HawkHost’s customer support track record. When it came to the support tickets that I did submit, however, they were quick, efficient and showed a high level of expertise across several different CMSs and platforms that I threw at them. This is one factor I like, being across the business and not having to refer me to another more technical operator.

When I was recommended HawkHost, and these days I am often first introduced to new products and services by recommendation, my first reaction was fantastic branding. Love the logo. The company website sold me well before I even clicked on the hosting pricing plans. The Canadians can market very well, the actual sign up process was easy to do and was completed quite fast. You can tell they've taken the time to ensure you have a great user experience.I've opened up a handful of support tickets over the years and HawkHost has always been fast, courteous, and knowledgeable with their replies.

April 2018 : Restore cPanel backups to new hosting accounts.
August 2018 : Contacted them about server being down. It was a large DDoS attack on the shared IP so they changed it and was resolved quickly.
May 2019 : Contacted them about downtime. Discovered I was hitting CPU and process limits on my vBulletin forum. I figured out the cause and it was all good after that.
July 2019 : PHP version issue/question - resolved with 3 replies from staff in about an hour.
October 2019 : Slow loading on a WordPress site - discovered I was hitting resource limits and throttling was the cause of the slowness. I was getting hundreds of hits/minute from one IP address to xmlrpc.php so blocked the IP address and disabled xmlrpc.php since I didn't use it for remote posting to WordPress. Resolved with 2 replies from staff in about an hour.

Since that last ticket, I haven't used their support in almost two years. HawkHost has a server status system setup, so if there's maintenance, unscheduled downtime, or a problem I've checked there first to see what's up. Knowledgebase and forums are informative places to find out solutions as well. HawkHost Server StatusHawkHost technical service deals with any kind of technical-related queries through the ticketing system. The extremely well-known control panel is provided by HawkHost for most of the needs of site management. HawkHost contact details have been furnished on the site for help. Thus, HawkHost help is considered to be reliable in the industry. Although, HawkHost customer services needs improving in the future but they are on the ball and quick to resolve things.

Money Back Guarantee

HawkHost has a 30-day money back guarantee in place for all shared, semi-dedicated and reseller hosting packages.

Hawkhost Pros and Spotlights

PROSWe do not have an account with hawkhost hosting service at the moment. Everything is written through client's experience in the last few months, they're satisfied with hawkhost support with lots of positive comments. After checking their website and communication with their hosting support, they have following unbeatable offers:

Excellent hosting features: Hawkhost is a standard cPanel hosting provider with every cPanel add-on services. Except for the basic services from other hosting providers, there're more from hawkhost such as latest PHP & MySQL update, cPanel skin options. The best of the best is you can get SSH Access with any hawkhost shared hosting plan. Not many hosting providers could offer this service for various issue but hawkhost did it.

Fast web server: Hawkhost uses advanced web server solution "Litespeed" which is recognized as 10 times faster than Apache.

E-commerce compatible: E-commerce is considered mostly when people choose a web hosting provider, since you will collect money from your website, you have to make sure your e-commerce site will be running perfectly with less downtime. Hawkhost is simply in the figure, almost every open sourced e-commerce applications can be installed on hawkhost server and running smoothly.

Affordable Hosting plan: Hawkhost prepared two shared hosting plans and it starts as cheap as $2.99/mo. It's definitely in the cheapest hosting service list for such price! Unlike many cPanel hosting based provider who has many restrictions such as the number of file limitation, CPU limitation etc, hawkhost doesn't have such, they will notify you by email and ask you fix problems but not simply shut down your website.

Fantastic Datacenter: Hawkhost manages multiple world-class data centers (7 globally placed data centers) when you sign up the hosting plan you have the option to choose the one you desired.

Fast customer support: Hawkhost offers both live chat and ticket support. You get response from live chat within 30 seconds and 10 ~ 30 minutes with ticket system. Their support is available 24 x 7 x 365. You won't lose support during holidays like from some other hosts.

They’ve been active since 2004: 12+ years of web hosting and therefore they understand the market and can offer quality product. They are experienced and since they’ve been in business for that long, they know what they are doing. A new host can have great offers, but I always avoid them since they don’t have any reputation to keep or they wouldn’t care if they went out of business. When you’re active for more than 12 years, a simple negative review would mean a lot to you, since you are here to stay.

For what they offer, they are cheap: They’re not a random $5/year shared, unreliable hosting provider. Sure, there are extremely cheap hosting providers out there, but how good are they? For what they offer - great services and 24/7 support - they are pretty cheap. Other hosting providers that offer 24/7 support are a lot more expensive than HawkHost. And we used their 25% recurring discount, which made them even cheaper.

Other Advantages of HawkHost :

Exception speed, almost just 1-second page load speed
Industry beating reliability
Enterprise-grade SSDs
The uptime is nearly 100%.
Free server migration
Good options for mid-level, including semi-dedicated solutions
Multilingual cPanel based on the preference of the customers

Hawkhost Cons and Disadvantages

CONS• No Direct contact via phone
• Average client support
• cPanel comes at an additional cost for VPS customers
• Absence of fully dedicated servers
• They only offer a 30-day money back guarantee
• Few number of packages available.
I wasn’t so sure about
• No live chat or telephone support
• Site builder is $99 a month

Is HawkHost The Right Host For You?

HawkHost is a superb hosting service. I'm not one to give out praise easily but in nearly all aspects, HawkHost is a 5-star host. But just to be transparent, I wanted to make it very clear that the only reason HawkHost (with the cool logo) hasn't been given a 5-star rating is due to a lack of speed when it comes to supporting issues. That being said, you're paying an extremely low amount of money for what you get - Which is an SSD host with 7 data center options in 3 continents and the ability to host an unlimited amount of domains for under $5/month - A 10 GB maximum disk space for that price, but for a few extra bucks a month you can have unlimited disk space. That's a lot of bang for your buck and very impressive when directly compared to other providers on the market.

How is hawkhost rated comparing to their competitors?

If we talk about service quality, hawkhost will never fail to compare with any web hosting service as for above outstanding hosting features. It's worth a try if you're looking for affordable and reliable cPanel hosting provider, Their LiteSpeed web server hosting is still leading comparing two years before. Time has approved hawkhost is offering honest and reliable service to any size business. Especially in professional LiteSpeed hosting service, hawkhost does not have a real competitor. The company collected good experience on how to make full use of this service and generate the biggest success to each website!

But another Hosting service worthy of your consideration is WP Engine. When it comes to specifically hosting WordPress websites they have no equal and also score a full 5 stars. Expect amazing site loading speeds and all the support you need to never have to worry about your WordPress website. While Hawkhost is good but if you are looking to host more complex site like E-commerce, Forums or High Traffic sites then I’d suggest looking at Siteground. Superb performance, probably the best client service in the industry and they are ultra reliable. Siteground is built to host larger and complex sites and with a solid reputation and tons of positive feedbacks, you just can’t get wrong with them. Check out our full review of SiteGround and decide for yourself.

Final Verdict

Final VerdictWhen it comes to web hosting, the number of years a company has been in operation matters a lot. It shows experience and an understanding of the market trends. HawkHost have been around for 12 years, and have therefore amassed a wealth of knowledge. You are therefore assured of the best quality service and products no matter your niche, company size, or budget. HawkHost has a great reputation because they are reliable and have consistently grown and improved over the years. For the quality of service, you get their prices are very affordable. Like it or not, as a part of their marketing strategy they seem to always have recurring coupons available to lower their prices even more.

Hawkhost is one of the best web hosts that can provide Linux hosting with 99.9% UpTime. Rich featured for a Linux hosting, Have multiple datacenter locations around the world, fast speed, 24/7 support. Through this promotional link, their customers are also always given a 25% Discount for all types of hosting purchases, for shared hosting services, VPS, and semi-dedicated they Sell. And of course with free server migration, a free setup and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, if you feel Disappointed or dissatisfied with the services provided. So, If you are on a tight budget then Hawkhost is definitely the best bang for the buck hosting provider you can get. They are reliable with blazing fast load times and the latest and modern features that you’ll expect on a more expensive hosting provider.

The employees are highly trained and knowledgeable and are devoted to giving their customers the quality service they deserve. All in all, HawkHost is a provider that does most things right. While we were disappointed to learn about the lack of some of the customer support options we’ve come to expect in 24/7 phone support and live chat, a strong ticket system with a significant knowledge base did offer some hope. HawkHost’s hardware is all enterprise level and when you partner this with their included SSDs, they really stay true to providing a quality service at an affordable cost. For individuals or small business use, Hawkhost hosting is highly recommended. If the needs of the customers grow or increase, they can easily and conveniently upgrade to a more sophisticated hosting solution. Please visit www.hawkhost.com for more information.

Is there any hawkhost coupon available?

HawkHost Discount CouponAs I said before, as a part of their marketing strategy they seem to always have recurring coupons available on their website to lower their prices even more. At the time of writing this review, they have officially offered 25% off All Hawkhost's Hosting Packages on the website.

Published : Thu 05 Apr 2018
Updated : Sat 09 Jan 2021

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