FastComet Web Hosting Review 2019

FastComet Introduction

FastComet Inc is a web hosting company based in, California, San Francisco founded in 2008, they grasped the opportunity to launch public cloud hosting service in late 2013. FastComet offers Web Hosting solutions, “Open Source Web Hosting”, SSL Certificates, with Datacenters located in North America (Chicago, Dallas and Newark), Europe (London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam) and Asia (Tokyo, Singapore). All of Fast Comet’s data centers are highly secured at all times and offer Max Power Load, fully redundant Power sources. FastComet now serves 45,000+ customers from 83 countries worldwide. FastComet provides all type of Web Hosting services including Shared, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Server. Both the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated solutions are fully managed, totally scalable also comes with root access. FastComet offers 24/7/365 technical support via email, ticket system, live chat as well as a toll-free phone option. They provide their valuable customers with automated backups of files, databases and emails, 24/7 human monitoring of important data and an Intelligent web application firewall to stops attacks and prevent threats. Moreover, they offer free of cost: responsive template setup, Free website transfer, optimization, application setup, modules setup, upgrades and Virus Scan & Malware removal.

We can now take a look at what FastComet has to offer regarding the services mentioned earlier on in the article.

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FastComet Hosting Pricing and Plans Review

As we already discussed the awesome features and add-ons that FastComet Hosting Packages come with, but what really catches the eye is the absence of installation, migration/transfer, and different kind of charges that we notice commonly with other Top web hosting companies. With FastComet solutions, not either one these kinds of illogical charges exist, as well as you can renew all your services at the same prices your first billing term. For instance, if you bought a package of a single website for $2.95/mo, you are eligible to pay the same amount for the life of your hosting account. FastComet offers Shared hosting, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Server plans, all packages contain free domain name registration, Free SSD storage as well as CPanel interface.

FastComet Shared Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans are the most economical hosting plans one could get, especially if you are an individual or a small business. FastComet shared hosting plans are available in three categories: StartSmart, ScaleRight, and SpeedUp. FastComet Shared Hosting Plans and PricingThe StartSmart Plan is the most affordable of the three plans, starting at $2.95 per month. It has essential features such as Solid State Drive (SSD) web space of up to 15GB, a free domain name, daily backups, Server Name Indicator (SNI) as well as a 45-day guarantee on getting your money back should it not work for you.

The ScaleRight Plan goes for $5.95 per month and is suitable for those who have multiple sites. It features the SSD web space of up to 25GB, a free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt, as well as a 45-day guarantee of getting your money back. Apart from these, there’s also a control panel (cPanel), 1-click installer and resources made for website optimization.
View Full Features And Comparison of FastComet's Shared hosting Packages.

The SpeedUp Plan starts at $9.95 per month. This plan can accommodate as many sites as possible. It features a 35GB SSD space, a free SSL certificate from Global Sign, a personal DNS, as well as the cPanel, 1-click installer, security and backup features.

If you are looking for more freedom and control over your web page, VPS is the best choice to start with. VPS Cloud 1 plan start at $59.95 per month, offering you 2TBs of bandwidth, 2GB ECC RAM, 50GB SSD Space and allow you to host unlimited websites.

FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting

FastComet Cloud VPS hosting is another popular hosting plan among many medium sized sites. It offers the freedom of having to set your attributes for the server, but also the advantage of it being affordable, given that it operates in a virtual environment. Cloud, on the other hand, makes the information available from wherever you are.
FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting Plans and PricingFastComet VPS is offered with the SSD technology. This plan provides a much faster time in getting your data or finding the site from the server. It has four categories of plans, which are VPS Cloud 1 to VPS Cloud 4. The four plans feature a cPanel, Softaculous, hosting of an unlimited number of websites, support, and monitoring services.

FastComet Dedicated Server Hosting

The Dedicated Hosting Plan is offered in FastComet through their dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting is suited to those individuals or businesses that have a significant number of site visitors, for optimized performance regarding loading time.

FastComet’s Dedicated Servers are offered in four plans, namely DS 1, DS 2, DS 3 and DS 4. All these plans are hosted on Intel’s Xeon CPU E5-2680 v3@2.50GHZ. The only difference is that DS 1 uses the Quad-Core, DS 2 uses Hexa-Core, DS 3 uses Octa-Core while DS 4 uses Hexadeca-Core. DS 1 starts at $139 per month while DS4 goes for $419 per month. The features included in this plan are a free cPanel, optimized speed, and performance through SSD file storage, security, and backup as well as a hosting environment that supports Perl, Nginx, and PHP. FastComet Dedicated Server Hosting Plans and Pricing

FastComet Reviews on Domain Service

The domain is essential for your website. There is no way visitors can locate your site if it does not have a domain, which is your site’s URL. The domain can either be bought at a Domain Name Registrar or at your web hosting company. FastComet offers Free Domain Registration upon signing up to be hosted by the company. This is very applicable and convenient for those who are having their site hosted for the first time on the World Wide Web. There are terms and conditions to be followed during this process. However, if you are planning to be a customer and already have a domain name for your site, then you can transfer it to your host company. FastComet offers this for a fee. Terms and conditions, as well as some paperwork, will have to be strictly followed during this process. FastComet has their own domain marketplace and they offer more than 500 different TLDs which in some cases are discounted with 90%+ on promotion days.

FastComet SSL

If you have a website that transacts a lot online or takes user details online, then you will need to secure your site from fraudulent practices. We are by now all aware of how one’s personal details can be stolen from the internet. FastComet SSL Plans and Pricing

To secure your data, as well as your client’s personal details, you will need to have an SSL certificate. Besides, since the SSL is now one of the ranking factors in the eye of Google, webmasters are advised to implement SSL on their website. FastComet offers three types of SSL certificates, Global Sign, WildCard and Let's Encrypt's free SSL solution. You will thus get different features and benefits when you choose a plan that offers either of these for free, or when you decide to purchase your own private SSL certificate, specifically from Global Sign. Global Sign provides not just the protections, but also a host of other benefits.

FastComet Reviews on WordPress Hosting

FastComet also hosts WordPress websites. In fact, it is hard to find a hosting company out there that doesn’t support WordPress. WordPress is hosted under the open source hosting services and has some of the essential WordPress features such as 1-click WordPress installation, backup and restore, virus and malware scans, and other advanced security features. This makes it highly compatible and safe for use with WordPress sites. One of the most important things to consider when looking for a WordPress website hosting is the speed which your site can be loaded, as well as the customer service offered by the company. FastComet boasts of faster speeds just like SiteGround, Bluehost, and DreamHost.

Note : The WordPress hosting provided is the same solution as the shared hosting.
Why is this plan good for WordPress?

Well, the fact that you start at only $2.95 per month makes it affordable to most WordPress site builders, who are mostly bloggers and small online businesses. The other is that it offers backup security, as well as support for other open source applications that are necessary to run some of these WordPress built websites. There are also some free WordPress themes which can be downloaded or used directly with your chosen WordPress plan.

FastComet Reviews on Joomla Hosting

FastComet optimizes the Joomla hosting solution. The hosting solution is basically the same when compared to the shared hosting. FastComet shared hosting platform is optimized for many applications, including Joomla. FastComet is receiving positive reviews on its support for Joomla; mainly due to its SSD powered hosting that makes it possible to load your site very fast. It also has some great free Joomla templates for use. Under the Joomla hosting plan, FastComet offers one-click Joomla Installation, free Joomla upgrade, advanced Joomla security, 24/7 Joomla support, and more.

FastComet Speed and Reliability

FastComet Speed and Security Features

FastComet is well-known for providing world-class premium hosting packages at affordable cost with extremely fast speed that you are looking for. This is really favorable for you because producing traffic is very much important and it can’t be achieved without putting great effort if your website is not fast enough and speed efficiently. At FastComet.com they assure the speed that is essential for a website by providing the required tools helping you to make your web page highly efficient.In regards to website loading times, one of the most important aspects is where your server is situated in conjunction with your website’s valuable viewers and visitors. This is an advantage with FastComet because you covered with 8 highly secured data centers housing three different continents, making sure that your server is located near to your targeted traffic and visitors. We do not need to state how SSD storage space is also a substantial uplift to your website’s speed, Additionally FastComet offers lossless data compression (Class of data compression algorithms) along with mod_expires (Leverage browser caching to improve your website performance) support.

FastComet Reviews on Uptime Performance and Server Status

Having used FastComet in the last 12 months, I have received an uptime of 99.99% until the last day. There was only one case of downtime that lasted as long as 140 seconds (source- uptime robot analysis). I have personally tested over 17 web hosts and only FastComet has been able to deliver the value that it promises. The reason why FastComet is stronger than its competitors is because of its impressive uptime. The stats clearly show that FastComet provides appreciable and stunning uptime value that can help business websites in a grand way.

FastComet Datacenter Location

FastComet Datacenter Locations

FastComet offers you with the bonus of the matchless available hardware resources along the way down to all the five multiple stages of the caching system used by them. At FastComet you can be guaranteed that all the troubles and difficulties that to bring forth with your web page are strongly taken care. FastComet offers a guarantee of 99.9% uptime and supposes if your website encounters any downtime past that number then your account will be credited.With FastComet hosting packages, you also provided with easy CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network) integration for your web page from the ease of the control panel. The activation process is hardly a two-minute task and a content delivery network provides an extra speed, reliability, and security to your website.

Review of FastComet Hosting features

Believe it or not, FastComet offers amazing features along with hosting packages such as unlimited monthly bandwidth/transfer, free CloudFlare CDN, email accounts, daily/weekly backups, FTP accounts, and unlimited MySQL databases. As well, the company provides free domain name with each web hosting plan for the life of hosting account.

Apart from above, there are many other advantages about FastComet’s hosting features.
It provides its clients with SSD (solid state drives) Space instead of HDD which is up to 300% more faster than traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drive).
As we discussed earlier they also offer CDN, website transfer, daily/weekly backups for free of cost.
All hosting packages come with cPanel control panel as the default panel for customers to manage their websites easily.
The 1-click installer is also provided for the easy installation for different kind of popular applications and software.
Mod_Expires to Leverage browser caching to improve your website speed and performance.
PHP, Node.js, Perl, Python, and SSH access support.

Below listed are the few disadvantages of FastComet Hosting:
    ✖ Doesn’t support Ruby on Rails, which is an important open source web application framework.
    ✖ Many other hosting companies like iPage, inMotion hosting are providing their users with free marketing credits. As for FastComet, this service provider simply shortfall this offering.

FastComet Customer Service

FastComet Customer Service Features

Whereas many other web hosting providers may offer affordable hosting services with almost similar features and benefits to FastComet, customer support is the point where they grab attention from the others. With 24*7 priority technical support such as live chat, ticket system, email support as well as a toll-free phone number. As mentioned on their website they resolved 93% of the customer’s issues in less than 10 minutes. FastComet's support team is available round the clock to help you regarding any issues arise.

Furthermore, a broad knowledge base packed with tutorials, articles, videos and FAQs/Q&As is also available with FastComet. One unique and extraordinary feature I have seen with FastComet is the choice to submit a request for a guide/tutorial yourself, which is highly appreciated and helpful option when you deal with highest levels of technical problems and issues that have occurred on your site. As we have personally noticed and checked that FastComet is outstandingly active on popular Social media platforms and we took a look throughout Twitter to check what other were saying about it on social media. What came next was hardly a surprise, as we found Twitter full of praise and appreciation for FastComet’s helpful support.

We found twitter a very handy tool to analyze the quality of FastComet support as Twitter is full of adoration and recognition for FastComet’s helpful support.A look at some of the reviews available online for their support shows that they have a brilliant team that acts on customer complaints within a record time. For your information, another web hosting company that serving effective customer support is SiteGround.

Excellent and Helpful Live Chat Support

FastComet claims to provide 24/7/365 support. I have contacted them through the Live Chat support and overall I would say it was amazing. I got entertained almost instantly after I launched the chat. This proven that they are putting efforts in helping customers. The customer support is knowledgeable and professional in clearing my doubts. Besides, one of the most important factors that I was happy with was the politeness. The customer support staff was always polite and trying to help.

Conclusion of Our FastComet Review

In regards to a premium hosting service provider that is cost effective as well, we believe that it will be difficult for you to find the best alternative to FastComet. With large numbers of features and extra that really make FastComet be highlighted and on the top of the other hosting providers, we hope they will continue the same. The absence of installation and migration charges, as well as the availability of a Free Domain Name Registration/Transfer, show that you can rapidly stir up just for the cost of your package. We didn’t find even a single reason of disappointment with FastComet!

I have looked at what is on offer at FastComet regarding services as well as the various plans offered. I have also looked on-line at some of the FastComet reviews given by other users. It sounds like what give FastComet such positive reviews is its SSD technology that they use for all their web hosting services, as well as the open source program that allows many WordPress users to integrate various plugins with their sites. The main downside is their uptime performance. For most webmasters, their uptime performance is not acceptable. I hope to see improvement in the next records. The customer support is excellent, and I would say they are professional in helping their customers in solving problems. The prices offered are fair, compared to most other web hosting companies, which are either too cheap or too expensive.

I can thus conclude that, given the above facts as well as the good and bad of FastComet, it is a web hosting company that still trying to stabilize their performance. If you are dedicated to trying FastComet, expect some downtimes but overall you will get an “Average” service.
We liked
  • Excellent speeds. This is very crucial for many websites that have a lot of traffic.
  • Quick response time
  • Excellent customer support
  • Good value for money
  • Upfront prices with no hidden charge
  • Latest SSD storage
  • Free domain name for lifetime
  • Latest cPanel version
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • AutoMinify
  • Mobile-friendly interface

Published : Tue - 03 April 2018
Updated : Wed - 05 June 2019

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