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To make your web site look professional there are a few features that need to be implemented, no matter what. These key features will allow for great ease of use and will also make your web site look a whole lot better.Key Features to Include in a Professional WebsiteThe first feature that needs to be considered is accessibility, which ties in a lot with ease of use. Making your web site easy to navigate around is a perfect starting point. Make key parts of text large and bold to catch the audience’s eye. You want the audience to be able to get what they want quickly as opposed to making them search through your web site to find what they want. A professional web site will always be one that is easy to use.

We touched on navigation in the last point, but what this means is making sure that users can access the different pages of your site – it’s no good having pages of great content if nobody can access them! Try to keep the style across your web site as consistent as possible, as believe it or not a consistent style will improve navigation. For example using the same type of button everywhere on your site will make it easier for users to know where to click. One way you could make your web site much more ‘usable’ is by having big bold and blatant navigation buttons, that are really clear and hard to miss. Also, when designing the pages try to make the user not have to scroll down that much; the less the user has to move through the web site, the better.

It is almost essential nowadays for web sites to have a mobile version running alongside it. As more and more people are using their mobiles as their main internet browser, you will start to receive more traffic to your site from mobiles. If you don’t have a mobile-ready site, users will struggle to use your web site, so you should definitely consider how your site will render on a mobile device before going live. Finally, a feature embedded into a professional web site is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Strategic and clever use of SEO can make your web site soar in search engine rankings, ultimately leading to more traffic coming to your web site. There are a few ways to implement SEO into your web site, one way is through using keywords, and lots of them.

More keywords will give the search engine more chance of finding your web site. Another way is through having links to other web sites on your web site (these web sites may not be yours) as this will increase your search engine ranking. Alternatively, you could work with a firm that specializes in SEO to help improve your site and boost its SEO credibility, however, this can be quite expensive. In conclusion, building a professional web site isn’t all about how it looks, but equally as importantly how easy it is to use and navigate. Remember that a healthy percentage of your web site traffic may be coming from mobile or tablet devices, so ensure you cater for everyone’s needs, maintaining the same principles across the platforms.
Published : Mon 28 Aug 2017
Updated : Thu 26 Mar 2020

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