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When you go online, you are bound to stumble upon numerous free web hosting offers. This is exactly what the name implies - you can utilize a web server's space for free. Although the main benefit of such offer for free web hosting is that you do not have to pay a single cent for the service, there are disadvantages to it as well. Read on to find out more about why it usually does not pay to go for free web hosting and what your cheap web hosting alternatives are.
Free Web Hosting

Why is Free Web Hosting offered in the First Place?

There are some business owners who use free web hosting as a way to entice their customers to take advantage of the product or service that they're offering. Let's say that A1 Trading is the name of the company and they have their very own website which they use to sell their products. Instead of paying for just shared web hosting services, A1 Trading decided to go the extra mile and subscribe to a dedicated web hosting package. This means that not only do they get their share of a space on the web, but they can get full access to an entire server's resources. As a way to entice customers to buy their products, A1 Trading decided to offer free web hosting as a perk for buyers. Customers would now utilize the free web hosting service which A1 Trading can easily offer due to the dedicated server resources that they have. In addition to offering free web hosting as a perk for customers of business owners, it can also be used as a way to entice visitors to their website. Finally, individual websites can be used as a medium for advertisement, thereby making money for the one who offers the free hosting service.

What are the Benefits of Free Web Hosting?

Next, what are the benefits when you take advantage of free web hosting? As mentioned earlier, you would not have to pay a single cent for the service. If you are putting up a personal website or if you are planning to build a business website in the future and you would like to have a feel of how it is to run a website on your own, you should definitely grab the opportunity to use free web hosting. Non-profit organizations who do not have the funds to pay for web hosting packages may also take advantage of free web hosting offers. For those who are just starting to learn about website administration, having a free web hosting account will allow them to learn about file management, website maintenance, and statistics monitoring without having to pay a dime for it.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

How about the disadvantages of free web hosting? Take a look at the following list:

• You will not have your own domain name.
If you are trying to build a business website, free web hosting is definitely not the way to go because you would not have a means for branding. If the name of the company offering free web hosting is Your Free Host, for example, the URL of your free website would be www.MyWebsite.YourFreeHost.com. If you would like to have a customized domain name, you would have to go for paid web hosting.

• There is very limited disk space and bandwidth.
Since the service is free, there will be very limited disk space and bandwidth so it really is only suitable for personal websites.

• There will be numerous advertisements.
Banners, pop-up ads, and other advertisements are the main disadvantage of free hosting. Since you are not paying anything for the service, the provider will make up for it by posting ads on your site.

• Other disadvantages of free web hosting services.

Although there might be a general number or e-mail address that you can go to for inquiries or service problems, the support offered by free web hosting providers may not be that reliable. The Terms and Conditions can change anytime since you not bound by a paid contract, and the service may not be free forever.

Be Aware of Your Cheap Web Hosting Alternatives

As you can see, there are quite a few disadvantages to free web hosting so they're not really a good choice, after all. Don't worry because if you are starting a business or if you want a more reliable personal website, you can always opt for cheap web hosting packages. For a minimal price per month, you can get good quality support; a decent amount of bandwidth and disk space; the use of your own domain name and customized e-mail addresses; as well as a host of other useful features to optimize the growth of your website. Lastly, go through The Top 10 Web Hosting Rankings, Web Hosting Reviews and rankings online so that you would know which package and web hosting company will best suit your site maintenance needs.
Published : Mon 28 Aug 2017
Updated : Thu 26 Mar 2020

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