99+ Best Blogging Tools and Resources

Blogging ToolsBlogging is an art, and using the right blogging tools will make your art rise and shine! This is an epic list of blogging tools to which you can refer (hint: bookmark it!), and find new tools to enhance your blogging experience as well as the experience of your readers! This epic list of blogging tools consists of resources for all types of bloggers whether professional, part-time or personal. I have structured them into various sections, allowing you to evaluate and choose the right tool for right purpose. Though the list of available tools is long, every tool is useful in its own way. I also offer a one-line comment for each tool as a quick but helpful reference.
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Which Web Hosting Type Should You Choose?

Web Hosting TypesIf you are new to web hosting and want to start an account, you may be overwhelmed at all the options that are available. In order to determine which hosting type best suits your needs you need to first understand the various types along with their primary features. Additionally, in order to determine which is best for you, it is necessary to analyze the features you want compared to the ones offered with each type along with your budget. You want a good balance of the primary features you need without paying for those you don't.
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When Should Managed Web Hosting Be Considered?

Managed Web HostingIf you are looking for web hosting solutions for your website you may be confused as to which hosting option to choose. You can choose between free and paid hosting, or shared and dedicated hosting. Then there are other hosting solutions such as virtual private servers (VPS) or cloud hosting. With all the solutions you may feel a bit overwhelmed. If you feel your site is going to be rather popular, yet you do not have the knowledge or staff to deal with administering all the server possibilities, it may be beneficial to consider a managed web hosting solution.
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What You Should Know About Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web HostingIf you are shopping around for web hosting solutions, you will likely see the term "shared hosting" quite often. This is especially true if you are looking for budget hosting solutions. The most popular and least expensive of all paid hosting options is shared hosting. It may seem like you should also jump on the shared hosting bandwagon and it is quite likely that you should. But, shared is not for everyone so before making that decision, know exactly what you are in for and whether shared is really the best option for your hosting needs.
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What To Look For In Blog Web Hosting?

BlogBoth personal and business sites use blogging as a marketing tool. Smaller businesses and personal sites often use blogging software as their complete web site solution. They, in effect use it as a content management system or CMS. If the primary purpose to your site is to offer blog posts to your viewers you may not need as robust a hosting solution as other sites. Your concentration is on your blog so you want to be sure your blog is available and fully supported. This is why it is important to find a reliable blog web hosting solution that will suit your needs. Because blogging is a specific niche, there are specific features you should be concerned about.
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What To Consider When Changing Your Web Host

There are many reasons you may consider changing web hosts. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your current provider's support or features. Perhaps you found a better price elsewhere and you simply cannot pass up the savings. Regardless of why you want to move from one web host to another there are several considerations before doing so. You want your move to be smooth with little to no down time. You want your customers or viewers to have a seamless transition so your site is not disrupted. Of course, sometimes something may go wrong but with a little planning you can mitigate the possibility of problems.
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What Is Cloud Web Hosting And Will It Work For Me?

Cloud HostingThere is a bit of a buzz surrounding cloud web hosting these days and if you are researching various hosting options, you will certainly run across this term. But, there are only a handful of web hosts currently offering this solution, thus although it is a rather popular option it is also fairly new so your choices in web host are a tad limited. As this solution gains in popularity, though, it is likely more and more hosts will start offering this as an option. This will benefit the customer by giving them more choices in companies to utilize, but it will also reduce the price for it with the increased competition in the market.
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Web Hosting Security Is Essential For Any Site

Hosting SecurityWhether you have a personal site that you use simply to blog on occasion or a global, large scale business, security is of utmost importance. Security is likely the aspect of web hosting that is most important to everyone, and if it is not, it should be. Lack of security can be devastating to a business if these problems result in loss of income or identity theft. Thus, it is important to understand what aspects of security you should look for and how to determine if your host provides security adequately.
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The Pros And Cons Of VPS Web Hosting

VPSVPS web hosting is one of the newer forms of web hosting that has only recently gained in popularity. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is a source of confusion for many individuals and businesses searching for a web host for their Internet ventures. The reason for this is that it really is a hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is no wonder people are confused by the term and are unsure if it will suit their purposes and their web hosting needs. We shall look to clarify the pros and cons of VPS hosting to help you better decide if it is appropriate for your endeavors.
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The Difference Between Cheap & Affordable Web Hosting

Cheap Web HostingThe average consumer today is fairly savvy. Regardless of whether they are shopping for high ticket electronics or simply choosing a food item, more and more consumers are well-educated and they comparison shop to find the best price. However, no consumer is willing to truly sacrifice quality for price, especially in markets where you simply don't have to. When it comes to web hosting, many purchasers of hosting accounts are not aware that better service may be available. In fact, most web hosting consumers acknowledge how little they pay every month and they often believe that at the price point they receive, it may not be possible to find more competitive rates.
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Any Business Is Stronger Via A Web Presence

Web PresenceThere are many small businesses, and even micro-businesses, that are not on the web. From single person, part time businesses that border on hobbies, to family owned businesses, there are still many businesses that simply have not joined the 21st century. For these companies, basic web hosting would boost business and raise profits, yet due to either a fear of technology or simply being unaware of what web hosting and a basic web page could do for their bottom line they remain without a web presence.
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Should You Consider Windows Web Hosting?

Windows HostingWhen searching for web hosting you will typically run across a multitude of hosts that utilize a Linux platform, as well as a plethora that use a Windows platform. There are even some hosts that offer both options readily to their customers. Because many people use Windows as their home operating system they think this is the better solution. Many believe that this will also cause them to specifically choose a Windows platform in their web hosting. However, the truth is that most people will be able to use a Linux platform without problematic instances. Sometimes the choice for Windows hosting is a personal preference and other times it is a necessity.
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Personal Hosting, Best Way To Represent Yourself Online

HostingAnyone who intends to have a web presence will benefit from their own personal web hosting. Rather than relying on social networking sites, web hosting gives you all the tools you need to build a proper web presence. Many web hosting companies exist specifically to help people new to using web hosting and building web pages while others have enough utility that they will work. When considering web hosting for your own personal project, finding a company that is user friendly and offers features that you will use as well as those that you may need in the future are important.
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Making The Choice For Linux Hosting

Linux HostingIf you are new to web hosting you may find the choice between Windows and Linux hosting a difficult decision to make. This is especially true if you use Windows as your home operating system on your laptop or desk top computer. You may be conflicted with the prevalence of Linux hosts available and wonder why they are so popular when you rarely hear of Linux home systems. There are many reasons Linux is often used in web hosting and price is a significant component. When looking for hosting, be aware that Linux provides a cost effective, secure and stable environment for your site.
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Is Dedicated Hosting The Solution For You?

Dedicated HostingIf you are considering hosting options you will likely have run across dedicated hosting solutions. Many web hosts offer both shared and dedicated services and it may be confusing as to which one is best suited to your specific needs. Should you go with the more popular shared solution or do you have a "you get what you pay for" mentality and think because it costs more dedicated must be better? The fact is that both dedicated and shared hosting have their place and both are great options but your needs and your budget are what will ultimately determine the path that is best for your site.
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Introduction To Control Panels

cPanelA control panel is the administration portion of your webhosting account. It is an interface that you access to administer all the aspects of your account. You can typically control all portions of your site within the control panel without using any additional software including FTP software to upload files, though many people find it faster and easier to do so. Some web hosts use customized, proprietary control panels but most use one of the more popular platforms. Plesk is one of the control panel options that is preferred along with Server CP and Virtuozzo. However, the leader is in the industry is CPanel. Although there are some variances between the programs, they all have similar functionalities and features.
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Everything You Need To Know About Reseller Hosting

Reseller HostingReselling is when a company utilizes the resources of a parent web hosting company and sells it as their own. Most web hosting companies have reseller packages available. There are those who can benefit from choosing to host their site with a reseller. There are also those who have been dissatisfied with their reseller host and those who may be interested in opening their own reseller hosting account. You should, however, have all the information you need to determine how to make the most of this option and whether or not it could work for you.
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Blogging? Consider WordPress Web Hosting

WordPressBlogging is extremely popular these days. Many businesses and personal sites use it to communicate with their customer base or visitors. Some people even use blog software as a CMS or content management system. There are several blogging platforms available, many for free but easily the most popular and most used is WordPress. WordPress is a free, open source blogging software that is easy to set up, easy to use and is highly customizable making is a leader in the industry. Because so many people use it WordPress web hosting has become its own niche in the industry.
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An Introduction To Web Hosting

Hosting ServersIf you have considered web hosting but just feel overwhelmed, you are in the right place. Securing web hosting services can seem like a huge endeavor; whether you are setting up a personal page or have been tasked with getting a business onto the web. In reality, there are only a few decisions that need to be made to get started. Below are some of the things you should look at when considering web hosting options.
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A Guide On How To Pick A Web Host Provider

How to Choose a Web Hosting ProviderA website can be utilized for either personal or professional reasons. For personal reasons many people choose to chronicle their lives, blog about something they are interested in or share photos with friends and family. For businesses, a web site is a necessity. In fact, many people these days use the presence of a web site as a method for determining the legitimacy of a company and often they prefer to use the Internet to conduct their business. Whether looking to enable a web presence for the first time, or if you are simply unhappy with your existing service, you will need to find a web host provider. In order to ensure you have the best possible service there are several items you should consider.
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