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How Does a VPN Work on iPhone 1,060 Views

VPN on iPhoneUsing a VPN on your iPhone can be a straightforward process and you can do this several ways. Basically your phone will connect to the internet through a Virtual Private Network as opposed to connecting directly. Your traffic and data will be transferred through the VPN before it reaches your phone, and vice versa for outgoing data with the VPN acting like a bridge.
Update: Fri 27 Mar 2020

How to Make a Call Anonymously 1,051 Views

Make a Call AnonymouslyThere are many people out there who want to cause disruption or try and steal your personal information for fraudulent purposes and what better way to do it than to intercept a phone call made on a public Wi-FI network with low security? There have been numerous instances in the past where individuals have managed to prove vulnerabilities within the Wi-Fi calling system.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

How Do I Change My IP Address? 1,047 Views

Change IPReasons To Change Your IP Address
There are plenty of reasons to change your IP address, and as Internet users throughout the world are becoming better-informed and are in more control of their online security, more people are choosing to do so. Here are a few reasons to change your IP address:
• To access content blocked by regional restrictions
• To bypass IP bans on chat rooms or forums
• To bypass IP limits on downloads within a certain period
• To bypass local ISP censorship or government censorship
• To prevent hackers, governments, or others from discovering your location
• The DHCP lease time given to your IP address has expired
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

How Do I Hide My IP Address? 1,044 Views

Hide IPInternet users are choosing two solutions, VPNs and proxies, in order to keep their geolocation private and to access blocked content. As more and more internet users take their privacy into their own hands, the popularity of proxies and VPNs continues to grow. Although they might seem similar, there are actually significant differences between VPNs and proxies and choosing the right option could keep your devices better protected.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Will My IP Address Change if I Move? 1,033 Views

IP ChangeOne recurring question that people ask is “Will my IP address change if I move?” This is a perfectly reasonable question and it is easy to see why there could be confusion. To understand the answer to this question, you should understand how IP Addresses are assigned and distributed. Once you understand this, you will then see why they do actually change depending on your geographical location.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

How to Change App Store Location 1,021 Views

Change App Store LocationA simple solution for making purchases in other countries, is to change your App Store Location. This location will apply to the Apple Store when you make purchases from it. You may want to use a different location for purchase from the App Store. Maybe you want to buy an app that is only available in a certain country. To do this without re-entering your credit card details, simply follow the 4 steps below!
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

How to Change the Location on Your iPhone 1,013 Views

iPhone LocationAll iPhones come with GPS location-tracking enabled. This feature allows you to add your physical location to such things as photos and social media posts. It’s a great way to add more detail and relevance to the things on your device. You can toggle this setting on or off to protect the life of your battery and prevent using up a large amount of mobile data. But there may be instances where rather than turning off the GPS feature, you want to change your location so it looks like you’re somewhere else.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously 1,009 Views

Buy Bitcoins AnonymouslyBitcoin is a digital currency that is created and used electronically. There is no physical aspect involved. Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency in the fact that no one controls it or no country or government has sole discretion over its use and distribution. Bitcoin is transferred electronically and uses high levels of encryption for security purposes. There are instances where you may want to buy Bitcoins anonymously to protect your identity or personal data. Click "Read More" to see the main ways in which you can buy Bitcoins with an increased degree of anonymity.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Is an IP Address Fixed to One Computer? 1,008 Views

IPAn IP address is the personal identifier of your device. One question that is commonly asked is “Is an IP Address Fixed to One Computer?” In most cases, this is not a straightforward yes or no answer as there are many different circumstances that could alter the outcome. This article aims to unravel the mystery and explain how an IP address can be assigned to your device.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020
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