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Do you use Skype to make international calls?

While there are other Internet telecommunication apps, Skype is one of the most popular. Skype is free when making calls through the app, but you’d need to pay a subscription fee to call landline or mobile numbers. Additionally, the calling rates are different for each country. So, if the country you live in has high international calling rates, then it’s a high likelihood that your Skype international calling rates will be high as well. However, if you’re living in the U.S., then your rates would be on the low end.
How to Get Lower Skype Calling RatesSo the question is if you’re living in a country that has high calling rates on Skype, is there a way to get lower rates? Fortunately, there is a way. The trick is to make Skype think that you’re making the calls from inside the U.S. or any place where you can find cheaper rates. How is this possible? The solution is by using a VPN like Hotspot Shield app.

How Does VPN Work?

VPN is an app that enables you to connect virtually to a server in the virtual location of your choice. In this instance, you would want to connect to the virtual location in the U.S. VPN will then assign you a U.S. IP address. An IP address is the numerical identifier for the device you use to connect to the Internet. It tells the site you are visiting the country and region you are surfing from. So by using VPN and connecting to the virtual location in the U.S., Skype will think that you are surfing from the U.S. and will give you the lower calling rates.

Step by Step Instructions to Getting Cheaper Skype Rates

Follow the step by step instructions below to use a VPN to get access to Skype so you can make calls for lower rates.
1. Turn on VPN on your device. Almost All VPN's are available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
2. Inside the app, once protection is activated, select the virtual location of your choice. Country from where you wish to create Skype account and thus be able to get cheaper Skype rates.
3. Create a (new) Skype account from the virtual location of your choice, sign-in, and buy credits from there! Usually, you’ll score the cheaper rates when you can buy them “as local”. So if you are outside US and want to call someone in the US, you should use VPN US virtual location in order to create a Skype account from the US.
Published : Mon 12 Mar 2018
Updated : Fri 27 Mar 2020

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