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There are many different types of web site and application that we can access on the internet. You can practically find anything on the web if you search hard enough and the amount of content and services available is staggering. To keep some form of control on this vast amount of information, many Internet Service Providers and network administrators often enforce restrictions and bans on certain types of web site or material. They make a moral judgment on what they deem to be appropriate for public viewing, or on content that could distract the workforce etc., or prove harmful. Some web sites such as WordPress are often blocked, and the reasons why are not clear. Why would WordPress be blocked and how can you bypass blocks and continue to access this blogging platform?
How to Unblock WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging sites available today - Thousands of individuals and organizations use WordPress to create engaging content for their customers. WordPress allows a user to create a customized web site using various pre-defined themes, and add regular articles or posts as and when they please. WordPress has a great amount of customization and users can make use of a wide variety of plugins and add-ons to add interactivity and extra functionality to their web sites. WordPress can be used as a potent blogging tool and it is easy to see why it is so popular.

Why might WordPress be blocked?

WordPress could be blocked for any number of reasons - In a school environment; teachers and administrators might not want children accessing blog content while they should be studying. Alternatively, network administrators at businesses may restrict access in the office so employees cannot pursue their own goals instead of working. Furthermore, WordPress links heavily with Social Media and most WordPress created web sites will contain social media feeds and plugins - Administrators may want to limit the exposure to social media and prevent any backdoor access. In essence, it is not usually the content of WordPress sites that will earn a ban, but usually how and when you are trying to access this platform.

How can you unblock WordPress?

First, you have to find out why it has been blocked before you can take corrective action. Your Internet Service Provider could have simply blocked the site using its default content filter - If this is the case, you must log into your ISP account and change the filter settings. Alternatively, if the block is enforced by a network administrator or overseeing body, you can consider using a VPN Service instead. Blocks are often enforced using IP addresses, and a VPN service actually hides your own IP address and substitutes it for an address from a pool of generic ones. Furthermore, instead of connecting directly to the internet, you will instead connect to a VPN server that will vet all incoming and outgoing data - This will improve your security and ensure that you do not fall prey to any viruses or malicious hacking attempts.
Published : Mon 12 Mar 2018
Updated : Thu 26 Mar 2020

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