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Why Are Some Videos Blocked on YouTube?

  • YouTube might be blocked in your country for cultural, political, or religious reasons. Some governments see YouTube as a platform that could give citizens damaging information about their government.
  • Some employers block YouTube because they suspect that employees are watching videos when they should be working. They believe blocking YouTube will result in better productivity.
  • A university or school may block YouTube to prevent students from watching videos and participating in social media activities while school is in session.
How to Unblock YouTube

To Unblock YouTube, VPN Connections Are The Best

You could use a proxy to access blocked sites such as YouTube, but you'll be trading privacy and security for that freedom: While a proxy allows you to visit blocked sites, all of the information you type in can be tracked and stored by the proxy owner. This also makes proxies a prime target for hackers. When you want to unblock YouTube, VPN connections give you secure access to servers throughout the world, meaning that you can use their IP addresses to access region-locked content without revealing your location, identity, or other sensitive information. A VPN gives you unrestricted access to the YouTube videos you want to watch, and a VPN doesn't keep any personal data or track any of your online activity. With a VPN, your digital footprints disappear.

Alternate Ways to Unblock YouTube at School, Work, or Home

If you want to know how to unblock YouTube at school or elsewhere, there are other options besides a VPN.

Proxy : If you're trying to get YouTube unblocked at school, you can use a web proxy to cloak your IP address, but your online privacy could be at risk.
Browser Extensions : VPN browser extensions allow you to use a VPN through Firefox or Chrome to unblock YouTube. VPN extensions can protect your identity and personal information as you browse the Web.
Mobile App : Get YouTube unblocked at school, work, or home with a VPN mobile app to go online anonymously and visit blocked sites from anywhere.
Published : Sun 11 Mar 2018
Updated : Thu 26 Mar 2020

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