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A simple solution for making purchases in other countries, is to change your App Store Location. This location will apply to the Apple Store when you make purchases from it. You may want to use a different location for purchase from the App Store. Maybe you want to buy an app that is only available in a certain country. To do this without re-entering your credit card details, simply follow the 4 steps below!

How to Change App Store Location

Step 1 : Creating a new Apple ID

First, we have to create a new Apple ID where we can use a new location - To do this you will have to use a new email address that has never been associated with an Apple ID before.
1. Go to
2. Click on “Create your Apple ID”
3. Enter all relevant personal details
• Ensure you use a different email address to your old ID
• Ensure you change your region to the one you want to make purchases from
4. Once all the details are entered press Continue.
5. Perform any required verification checks that are requested.

Step 2 : Sign out of old Apple ID

In order to use your new ID and allow switching between the two, you will have to first sign out of your old ID on your device.
1. From the main iPhone screen go to the Settings App.
2. Go to “iTunes and App Stores.
3. Click on your Apple ID.
4. Click on “Sign out”.

Step 3 : Sign In to Newly Created Apple ID

Once you have fully signed out, you have to then sign in using the Apple ID you have just created.
1. From the main iPhone screen go to the Settings App.
2. Go to “iTunes and App Stores. C. Click on “Sign In”.
3. Enter your new Apple ID details.
4. If a “review” screen appears, follow the instructions.
5. On the review screen, ensure you select the correct destination you want to use.
6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
7. Enter payment details on the next screen as “None”.
8. Enter shipping address – This must be an address from the country you want to make a purchase from.
9. Click next and this should complete the process.

Step 4 : How to Switch Between the two ID’s

Once you have the new Apple ID setup and have signed in once correctly, you should be able to switch between the two. Using the sign in and sign out methods shown in the previous two steps. While this method may seem quite long-winded, but after the initial creation of the second Apple ID, it is a straightforward and reliable way to changing your apple store location.
Published : Thu 08 Mar 2018
Updated : Thu 26 Mar 2020

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