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What is an IP Address and How is it Used?

Before you learn how an IP address works, it's important to know what an IP address is. All computers, tablets, smartphones, and devices connected to the Internet have a unique IP address or Internet protocol, used for identification and communication. It's the equivalent of someone's name and the language they speak.

How Do IP Addresses Work

How Do IP Addresses Work?

How do IP addresses work to deliver information over the Internet? The same way as any other language; they communicate using set guidelines to pass information. All types of devices find, send, and exchange information with other connected devices these protocols. That's why any computer from any location can "talk" to one another; they are "speaking" the same language.

Why Should You Hide Your IP?

Hiding your IP address keeps critical location data such as your city, country, state, and ZIP code private and secure.
Published : Tue 06 Mar 2018
Updated : Thu 26 Mar 2020

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