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Google Page Rank Explained 1,775 Views

Page RankPageRank is one of the many methods used by Google to help determine the importance of a web page. Developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, while at Stanford University, PageRank became one of the main tools used by the Google search engine. Before I go any further I must give you a word of warning here - Google is very protective of exactly what factors are used in its search engine algorithms, and exactly how those factors are determined. What follows here is believed by most industry experts to be correct in essence, though some of the details may not be fully accurate.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Search Engine Optimization - A Quick Guide 1,588 Views

SEOWhen designing your web site, you will need to consider using some form of search engine optimization, or SEO, to try to ensure that your site ranks highly in the lists produced by the major search engines. This is important, as it is well-known that the patience of web users is not unlimited, to say the least, and most people who search the Internet lose interest after the first couple of pages of results.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Three Free Ways to Get Quality Links 1,412 Views

Quality LinksNowadays, in order to rank highly in the search engine rankings, it is no longer enough just to have any old links coming into your web pages. Google will now devalue links it no longer considers relevant to the subject matter of that web site and, if you have too many of that type of link, may even ban your web site for link spamming. So, how do you go about getting quality links? Well, here are three simple, free ways to increase links to your web site.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Search Engines - The Basics 1,358 Views

Search EngineAnyone who has used the Internet has also likely used a search engine. Search engines are the way to find information on the web. All the web sites that are available on the Internet are cataloged. Whenever someone wants information on a particular topic, they type in what they are looking for; the search engine looks through the relevant sites and displays a listing of potential matches. You can then click on these results and browse to the sites listed.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

The Importance of Links in SEO 1,323 Views

LinksAlthough Google looks at many factors when ranking web pages, the single most important factor currently seems to be the number and type of inbound links to that page. Please note I mention “type” here – as we shall see, the page from which the link comes can make a big difference in where a web page appears in the search engine rankings.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

How to Use Keywords? 1,253 Views

KeywordsWhen a search engine indexes a web page, one of the factors that is considered are the keywords. These keywords are used by the search engine to help determine the content of the site and to rank the relevancy of the site to the search terms entered by a user. For example, let’s say that you own a store that sells model airplanes in Savannah, Georgia. When designing a web site, your keywords might be some combination of “model airplanes” and “Savannah” or “Savannah, Georgia”. If the site is designed using these keywords, both in the HTML tags and in the actual page content, then a user looking for model airplanes stores in Georgia would see your site near the top of the rankings. So, how and where should these keywords be used?
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020
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