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Why Does My Company Need a Web Site? 1,034 Views

ComputersBusinesses looking to establish a web presence do so for many reasons. The most obvious is to market their goods or services to a wider clientele. Other reasons include the desire to get product information to customers and to keep customers updated with the latest news and information. Establishing a web site immediately gives a company a global presence, and allows potential customers to see what products are available at any time of the day or night. If the web site is equipped with a shopping cart then orders can be taken and payments processed without any need for human intervention. Large savings can be made by not needing a traditional customer service call center for order-taking, with the added benefit that orders may be taken at any time.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Why Would an IP Address be Blacklisted? 1,028 Views

BlacklistedAn IP blacklist is one of the simplest and most effective forms of access denial in the world of computing and many businesses and web sites actively manage an IP blacklist database to control access to their services. While in most cases, a blacklist will have been assigned for a valid reason, there are instances where the ban has been enforced without cause. Due to these facts, it is important to understand why your IP address may be blacklisted.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

What is an IP Address? 1,024 Views

IPIP address is a unique number assigned to any device you connect to the internet. Your IP address is similar to your mailing address in that it lets other devices find and send you information. However, your IP address can also reveal sensitive information about you, which is why many internet users choose to hide it. With your IP address, advertisers and ISPs can get the location of your city, state, and even your ZIP code.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Do IP Addresses Get Recycled? 1,024 Views

IP RecycleThe ICANN is responsible for the creation and distribution of IP addresses and is the governing body that oversees this whole process. Usually, the ICANN will allocate blocks of IP Addresses to secondary namespace organizations such as Internet Service Providers (similar to how Zip Codes are allocated to certain areas within a city). These secondary organizations will then distribute IP addresses to the public and their customers. A question that is regularly asked is “Do IP Addresses get Recycled? This is an interesting question as theoretically there is only a limited amount of possible IP addresses that can ever be created.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

5 Most Secure Web Browsers 1,021 Views

Most Secure Web BrowsersMost consumers have no idea how much information they unwittingly turn over to third-party data trackers when they surf the web with today’s most popular browsers. According to Chris Calabrese of the American Civil Liberties Union, “There’s a pretty big disparity between what folks think their privacy rights are online and what they actually are online.” There are huge holes in the privacy policies of most browsers, leaving consumers vulnerable to malicious actors and privacy invasions.
Update: Fri 27 Mar 2020

What Your ISP Knows About You? 994 Views

ISPImagine the Internet as a global postal service. Your ISP has the role of the mail carrier; it ensures you receive your incoming mail and sorts your outgoing mail so each virtual piece is sure to arrive at the correct destination. So, not only does your ISP have your Internet protocol address, or IP address, it also has the IP address of the person you’re exchanging data packets with.
Update: Thu 26 Mar 2020

Shared Web Hosting Or WordPress Hosting? 668 Views

Shared Web Hosting Or WordPress HostingWhen building a website, one of the most important decisions you should make is, what kind of hosting plan to buy. You will need a web hosting for your website in order to be available online. What’s more, selecting the right option is essential. Two of the most popular options for first-time website owners are Shared Web Hosting and WordPress hosting. Shared Web Hosting is a type of low-cost web hosting, where you share server's space with other websites. In the other hand, WordPress hosting (which can be shared or not) means that the server is optimized for WordPress Websites. In this article, we will walk you through these two hosting options, and explain how to choose a plan that best suits your hosting needs. There are some Advantages and Disadvantages for both options, so if you're interested, click on Read More button and continue reading.
Update: Wed 02 Sep 2020
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